Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mama Needs to Slow Down!

Around this time each year, I start pondering my goals for the upcoming year.  I still call them New Year's Resolutions, but I've really been trying to focus on setting a few attainable goals.  Next year's goal is going to be time management.  I stink at managing my time well.  Some days, I'm a rock star.  Other days, I'm wandering around the house in my pajamas when Adam gets home from work.  That's embarrassing to admit, but I appreciate a little transparency now and then.

I know that Christmas falls on December 25th every single year.  It's not like Easter...who shows up anywhere from the beginning of March to the end of April.  Nope.  It's the 25th of December, every single year.  Yet, here it is--9 days before Christmas--and I've got gifts I haven't purchased and handmade gifts I haven't even begun.  That's when I get aggravated at my poor planning skills.  It also doesn't help that I'm a "Yes Man."  Need something done?  I can do it!  I rarely say no.  I can't help it, I guess.

Anyway, this weekend, we were so blessed with the ability to visit Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.  It was a lovely place to see, but sadly, we didn't get to do much exploring.  The weather was very dreary and filled with days of cold temperatures and rain.  Not a lot of sightseeing was done.  We did get to check out a super neat toy shop and also a really interesting shop of Scottish goodies which was especially nice for Adam since his family hails from Scotland (still working on that ancestry stuff!).  It was nice to get away for a few days, even if my dream trip to Williamsburg wasn't as exciting as I had hoped.

My little guys with a very large Scottish bear.  

Our school schedule remains light as we spend time working on crafts and Christmas projects.  Here's a rundown of our week of homeschooling:


  • Adisson learned a little about geometry, algebra, and multiplication.
  • Zander is learning to tell time.


  • Adisson is still working on correct cursive handwriting.
  • Zander is still working on lowercase letters.


  • Adisson spent time re-reading Henry and Ribsy (though, I'm not sure why).
  • Zander is working on reading compound words and early reader books.

Christmas Unit Study
We learned about Mary and Joseph and their trek to Bethlehem.  We learned about Gabriel and his visit to Mary.  We learned about Caesar Augustus and the census.  We read together and prayed together.  It was lovely.

We did a few Christmas crafts.  The boys LOVED gluing cotton balls to Santa's face.

Not a great photo, but a neat-o craft!

We did an AWESOME homeschool science project!  Wanting to find something to capture the interest of my guys, I found a cool experiment while browsing around my Google+ that mentioned making snowflakes from Borax.  We tried it, it worked, it was so cool. :)

How awesome is this?!
This week, we'll try to finish up our unit study and work on some more fun Christmas stuff.  I'm a teeeeensy bit overwhelmed with my to-do list, but I'm hoping my little guys can help me with some of it.  I also want to take a minute to remember that this is a magical time of year and I want the boys to remember the fun stuff we did...not that mom was running around like a headless chicken.  I'll leave you with a picture of my guys with Santa, the first one in years!

My handsome fellas and Santa.

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  1. You sound like me! Well...except that I never have the rock star days. Haha. I have the PJ days way more often that I need to admit, and I have the same problem saying no! I had to start telling people to stop asking me to do things, and I had to tell some people to be my "no" for me, lol.

    Loved the pic with Santa! :)



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