Friday, January 17, 2014

End of the Week Recap

This year, I'm working on some changes to my blog.  It was just a few months ago that I made a new blog and incorporated some additional social media.  I'm also excited about other changes I have in mind, chief of which is posting more often.  You'll now find our weekly recap on Friday afternoon, a brand-new science series each Monday, and posts about anything else on Wednesday.

I'm thrilled to be doing more of my favorite activity--writing.  I hope you will check-in with us more often as we talk about what is going on in our homeschool.  If you want to be sure you catch every interesting post filled with stories about the silliest kids I know, you could follow my blog via e-mail.  You could also comment every now and then so I know the internet isn't eating my words.  :)  Just sayin'.....

So, what did we do this week?

This week went pretty well.  Adisson is learning about adverbs and critical thinking, but I worry I'm not having him do enough writing exercises.  He's been working on his blog, but I'm still correcting a lot of his posts.  Maybe my expectations of him being able to write with fewer mistakes are rather high, but usually the mistakes are punctuation and capitalization--neither of which he should be struggling to do well.  I think he's going to have a weekly writing assignment for his blog.  He's allowed to write about topics of his choice so he's likely not going to notice when I "encourage" him to write more.

My middle guy turned 7 in November.  I started working with him on his reading skills when he was four.  It wasn't "clicking" with him like it had with his older brother.  I'd put away his lessons for awhile and try again a few months later, but I could tell it wasn't time for him.  Last year, he made progress and could read easy beginner books, but it still wasn't there, he still wasn't ready.  This year, we've been going slowly so as not to scare him away from wanting to learn.  It's working.  :)  When we were out running errands the other day,  he just started reading every sign he could see.  Some were too difficult and he skipped those, but many were words he could sound out.  My heart soared, as did his confidence.  More to come.

Learning + Crafts = Extra Fun!

In Adisson's social studies, we've been talking about the westward movement.  Early American history is fascinating time for me to read about and I think Adisson's been enjoying this time period, as well.  In our discussions and reading about families heading west, we decided to make a prairie schooner.  I found a really helpful tutorial over at The Crafty Classroom.

Zander and Adisson's prairie schooners.

 We also visited our favorite homeschool bookstore this week and picked up a few books about pioneers.  We found this incredible booklet detailing all the aspects of a prairie schooner.  We measured out how big an average wagon was and talked about how we'd have to fit everything we own in that amount of space, careful not to forget the supplies we'd need.

Coming up

As previously mentioned, Monday will be my first post in our new homeschool science series.  We will use Adisson's science lessons through +Time4Learning Online Curriculum and pair Zander's lesson using +Science4Us lessons.  If you aren't familiar with Science4Us, it's an incredible resource for your science curriculum, kindergarten through second grade.  Be sure to look for it on Monday!  

Have a stunning weekend!

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  1. Science is favorite subject here...looking forward to reading more in your science series! :)


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