Friday, January 31, 2014

Even Homeschoolers Get Snow Days

WE GOT SNOW!  I told the boys that homeschoolers don't get snow days, but I was wrong.  Well, partly.  We don't school if Dad is home from work.  It's like no one can focus when Dad's here because everyone wants to play or talk or hang out.  And while most homeschoolers may not get snow days, soldiers do when post is closed.  So amid my very carefully planned week of school, 2 days were taken up by the excitement of snow.  And that's ok.  :)

I took a few photos of their fun--not too many because I don't actually like snow at all, but I've got a few to share with you.  Because it's incredibly funny, and all boys were laughing at the end of this, here's a lovely photo sequence of a little brother's revenge.

Zander planning his attack.
Grabbing up some snow.
Trying to make a snowball (but the snow was very fluffy).
Taking aim.
Got him! 
My little cutie.

Here's the thing...we're doing school tomorrow.  On a Saturday!  WHAT?!  Unfathomable.  However, I had planned this really awesome project of building the Alamo and when we lost track of time, the project got pushed aside.  I think the boys are really going to enjoy it so I don't want to put it off until next week. Plus, we're going to watch the movie, The Alamo, while we're building.  We're going to make dough and dig out little plastic army guys to use.  It's going to be cool.  It won't even feel like school so maybe they won't fuss about it.  Maybe.

I hate to make this a short post, but I plan on posting tomorrow or Sunday to show off our project.  Plus, I'm hosting a meeting at my house tonight and I still have a few things to do to get the house ready for company.  Did you see my post about our light energy lesson?  Did you try to light a light bulb with comb and some hair?  I'd love to hear if it worked for you  (it took us a few tries the second time we did it).

Oh, before I forget.  Check out my littlest guy "doing his school work" before bedtime the other day.  Also, someday I'll learn to turn my phone the correct way when taking a video.  I know.  :)

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  1. While we didn't get as much snow as you (I'm near Athens, GA), we did get enough for the boys to have a snow day too! :)

    Loved your photos!!


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