Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Homeschool Goals for 2014 about a difficult trip!  Sick kids, snowy weather, all five of us catching a short-lived flu ON THE WAY home.  Goodness!

So we're home now and there is a mountain of tasks that need to be completed.  The van was emptied of all our Christmas goodies and luggage, which is now scattered throughout the house.  The Christmas decorations need to be taken down and put away.  We're still on a very light school schedule so the rest of the month needs planned out as far as homeschooling goes.  In Ohio, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I want to reorganize parts of the house so I want to get started on that project.  Sigh.  One thing at a time, Nicole.  :)

I want to share New Year's Resolutions with you this week since we're well into the new year.  I'd love to have a big list of all the specific things we're going to accomplish this year, but I have to think realistically.  Life happens here, a lot, so I want to be sure to set myself up for attainable goals.  I also want to limit myself to just a few resolutions so success seems possible, likely even.  Here ya go:

More Science  
My boys love science.  They love it when it's dirty and messy or when we get surprising results.  They love to gather around the kitchen counter and work on a cool project together.  This year, I'm aiming for more science projects.   If I'm putting a time frame on it, I want to do a big project together once each week.  Each of them do science activities as part of their daily lessons, but this is more than that.  It's us together, learning together.

More Field Trips
And man, do they love field trips.  Especially when we get together with our homeschool friends.  I don't blame them, I love field trips, too!  We're in a season of life where a stroller isn't necessary and a big diaper bag full of bottles isn't being lugged around.  Each of them enjoy the places we go.  This is such a great time to cultivate those learning experiences.  Ideally, I'd like to check out a new place each month and also try to visit some of our favorite places again.

More Structure
The boys don't necessarily say to me, "Mom, make our day more structured," but it's a need I have to make our days run smoother.  I'm hoping to implement a system of earning screen time next week so we can have more control over that aspect of our day and also work on training up some fellas that can take care of themselves and a household.  There's not a single reason I can think of that my sons can't be more involved in the upkeep of our home.

There you have it.  I know, I don't have a list of ten goals, each one more specific than the last.  And that's ok.  This is what will work for our family.  I'm excited about it because I'm already thinking of ways to implement the changes I want to see.  There are other things I want to do--like include more Legos into our learning and read more books together, but I want to keep my list short.

Do you make New Year's Resolutions, whether for homeschooling or not?  What are some of yours?  Comment below.

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