Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Recap with Video of a Drone

Whew, what a week!  It started out busy but I finally find a nice lull to our evenings around Wednesday.  And we really needed the rest.

Our week started out well with a lovely dinner with friends on Sunday.  I got to entertain and Adam got to bust out his favorite new toy, his Parrot AR.Drone.  Boys and their toys, I guess.  Basically, it's a hovercraft kinda thing that flies around the room (or outside).  It's controlled by a tablet and takes video, but no audio.  Here's a stock photo of a drone:

And now here's a video of the drone flying around my living room while Adam attempts (and succeeds) flipping it for the first time:

We worked on a big science experiment Monday (see my science series blog post) and Adam was able to do a lot of the explaining.  The boys love it when Dad is the teacher and I love it when he's teaching science.  Adisson is about to finish up his electricity unit and move on to organisms.  It will be a fun change of pace as we discuss relationships organisms have with their natural environment during our ecology awareness lessons.  I try to match Zander up with Adisson so we can all do science together.  Zander just likes to be included in "cool 5th grade stuff!"

On Monday night, we attended a hockey game.  It was Scout Night so we included our whole Cub Scout Pack.  It was such an enjoyable evening!  Adisson even got to be part of the color guard so he held the pack flag during the national anthem.  Talk about a proud mama moment!  It was nice to do something fun together as a family and as a group of Scouts.  Fortunately, we have another awesome activity scheduled for tomorrow night, but you'll have to read about that next week.

School Stuff

This week our lessons have included learning more about the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails.  We've discussed hardships faced by those pioneers heading west as well as lengthy discussions about the wardrobe of fur traders (my kids are goofy!).  I'll tell you, though, I'm very excited about next week's project--the plan is to build a model of the Alamo!  

Zander's reading is getting better everyday and he gets so excited about it!  I  love that excitement!!  It's the thing I cling to when lessons don't go as planned, a subject takes longer to learn than expected, when frustrations run amok in our homeschool...I think back to the excitement I see in my son when he finally understands how to read.  THAT is what homeschooling is about.  I get to be the person who will help him when he struggles, to worry when he's not grasping the concept, and the one who gets to see the light in his eyes when he gets it.  It's magical.  

Now, it's Friday.  It's been kind of an odd week with errands to run and Monday being a holiday.  I've decided I want to do something fun this afternoon.  Around here, art class is about as fun as school gets.  I saw this brilliant post about snowman art, an aerial view of a snowman.  I've been waiting for the time to do it.  Now is the time.  :)

My oldest artist.
We discussed the words aerial and perspective.  I asked what the house looks like when we're standing at the bottom of the driveway.  You can see the garage doors, the front door, and windows.  But what does the house look like when Dad flies his drone up above the roof?  That's how we explained the art vocabulary words today.

My music lover doing some rad art.
Sometimes, this little guy above feels like he gets lost in the shuffle.  He's not the oldest who has extra privileges, not the youngest who knows he's my baby.  So I tell him everyday that I love him so much, just as he is, just for being awesome.  He says "I know, Mom, you tell me all the time."  A win for mom.

Batman doing an awesome job at this project.
Jax was very excited at the start of this project because he was doing really well with following instructions.  He's been working on "writing" more lately so he felt like a big kid getting to use a few different art mediums.  He's been able to write his name for a few weeks so he wants to write it all of the time.  Today, he got to use oil pastels and he was excited to make circles and x's.  You know, because those are in his name.   :)

Our finished pieces.
Jax is the bottom right...he was done for today.
He says he'll finish it later.  :)
I've got kind of a big thing coming up tomorrow.  I want it to go amazingly well, but I'm nervous.  I can't wait to share it with you.  Thank you, reader, for spending some of your day in our home, reading about our homeschool.  I love sharing it with you.  

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