Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How Our Homeschool is Different

I've been browsing a lot of blogs today.  It's always nice to see ways I can improve my blog, if only I were better at some web/graphic design.  I learn something else when reading homeschool blogs...every single homeschool is wildly different.  When you throw in the military aspect of our homeschool, we're set apart in yet another way.

Living Away from Family
Truthfully, this fact rarely ever escapes me.   I'd love it if a grandparent could stop by for the morning while we're learning about The Gold Rush or help us make a model of a plant cell.  It would be great to spend an afternoon with one of their uncles playing ball or running around with their cousins.  While it's difficult to be away, the bond we share as a family of five is truly remarkable.  Whether we're doing something incredible or just hanging around watching a movie, we're most at peace when the five of us are together.  Still, it would be really nice to be closer to family. 

We have lived in three states over the past ten years.  I'm an expert at downsizing and a pro at handling pre-move checklists.  We've moved away from a house we've owned and sold it from another state, we've moved on-post just to buy a house off-post, we've moved off-post, just to come down on orders less than a year later.  We have three sons, each born in a different state.  As a homeschooling family, our school doesn't change when we move, whether it's a move across town or to a new state.  While we've never been lucky enough to explore some amazing overseas country, we have had the opportunity to see places we might not have seen otherwise.  We're a few hours drive to the beach or the mountains depending on the direction we're heading.  It can be stressful to move, yet again, but the possibilities and field trips it provides are incredible.

Deployment/School/Training/Extended TDY trips
Adam has deployed, gone away to school, been away for training, had TDY assignments...long story short, he travels.  And that leaves me at home to do it all.  Gone is co-parent, my handyman, my partner in life.  If something breaks, I have to fix it or find someone who can.  And trust me, when Dad leaves something is going to break.  I've blown an engine in a vehicle while Adam was away for awhile (WOWZA, that was expensive!).  I've taught kids to read, we've discussed subjects that Adam would be far better suited to teach, I've been to homeschool conventions solo, and decided on curriculum by myself.  In the moments when there's no one else to carry the load, you can do one of two things: you can keep going or you can just stop.  A military wife doesn't have much of a choice...she keeps going.  But it's in those moments you realize something inspiring--you can do it.  You are strong enough.

There are some of the ways that our homeschool is probably different from yours.  And your homeschool is different from ours.  Isn't that the point?  One of the greatest benefits to homeschooling is tailoring education to fit the needs of your child.  We also tailor education to fit the needs of our family and lifestyle.  I would have no idea what it would be like to be a homeschooling family without being an Army family.  The military may add some difficulties to our lives, but it's a choice we made nearly 11 years ago and it's the choice we'd make again today.

If you are a homeschooling military family, what do you find is different in your homeschool as opposed to our civilian counterparts?

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