Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Busy Life of a Scout Mom

We've been incredibly busy for the last few weeks and by we, I mostly mean just me.  A few weeks ago, the funnest event of the Cub Scouting year took place...the Pinewood Derby!

Our cars!  Adam's, Adisson's, Jaxon's, Zander's, and mine--the pretty pink car!
We had five cars in the race this year, including my first ever derby car!  It was so much fun and we did really well!  Adisson and Zander both placed first in their dens and will be advancing to the District Pinewood Derby at the end of March.  Jaxon placed fourth in the siblings division and I placed second in the Outlaw (or adult) division!  Second place with the first car I've ever made!  I was elated and so were my fellas.  They can't wait to race again at the District race!
My oldest first place winner!

My younger first place winner! 

But that leads me to the other reason I've been so very busy this month.  Pinewood Derby may be the funnest event of the year, but our biggest event is the Blue and Gold Banquet.  It's quickly approaching (just two days away!) and being on the Blue and Gold Committee has kept me very busy!  I'll hopefully have plenty of pictures to share with you next week after the event, but I have to show you this (really poor quality) photo of the centerpieces Zander made in his den meeting this week.

Tigers!  Zander's is on the right.

I'm Zander's den leader this year, so I had to come up with centerpiece ideas.  Our theme for the banquet is The Great Outdoors, and some of the other dens have some great centerpieces to match the theme, but I really wanted to make these precious Tigers for one reason.  A few years ago, Adisson made this centerpiece as his Tiger centerpiece for the Blue and Gold Banquet.  And I just loved it!  I'm pretty sure I'm going to post a tutorial on how to make one because I think there are a whole lot of other little Tiger Cubs would love these guys!  (Also--this wasn't an original idea of mine.  I wish I knew who thought of it because they are brilliant and I would love to thank them!)

Anyway, between homeschool, work, Adam's work schedule, snow days, and being very busy with our biggest Cub Scout events, this has been a hectic month.  Sometimes, being busy wears on me a tiny bit, but I love it.  I love my sons, I love my sweet little Tiger Cubs, and I love the 47 other Cub Scouts I get to see every Tuesday night.  It may be busy, but it sure is fun!!


  1. What are some of your secrets to make those pinewood cars go so fast? Sounds like you have a family of Winners. Congratulations!!

  2. Thank you! We tell the boys their car can be cool or it can be fast, they choose fast so we forgo any awesome paint job (we had a minion derby car in the pack!) and go straight for speed. The wedge shape is the best (that we've found) and they are weighted underneath with weights that have been sunk into the wedge. We add a little graphite powder to the wheels. It seems to work! :)

  3. Congrats to your boys! :) That's what we had to do when we were in or artistic, but generally not both, lol. Funny enough, they seemed to alternate years. Once they placed in speed, they would change up the next time and try to place in show. And vice versa. It was always fun! :) Again, great job to your boys (and to mom and dad for all of their help!)!


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