Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another Fun Week of Homeschooling

Yay for a pretty awesome week of school!  And some amazing weather!  The boys spent most of their afternoons running around in the woods.  We also spent time reading and doing school work on a blanket in the front yard.  When we're talking about math while staring at the clouds or discussing a science lesson while looking for lizards, I think of how fortunate we are to homeschool our sons.  I don't have to miss those moments of fun or the excitement of learning.

The other day I posted about how Adisson was learning about Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine.  I enjoy spending my spare time learning how to make things for our home with my sewing machine.  I often find Adisson watching the machine stitch something together or listening to that low whirring noise of the machine humming.  After our sewing machine lessons, Adisson was more than ready to make something of his own.

As you likely know, he has recently transitioned to Boy Scouts from Cub Scouts.  I'm working on assembling the awards he earned into a nice display case.  One thing he no longer needs is his Pack activity shirt.  I was pretty excited I wouldn't see him wearing it again as it's stretched out, stained, and full of holes (.....boys.....).  I found a great tutorial on how to make an envelope pillow cover.  We worked together to cut out the pieces and pin them together.  Finally, it was time to put the pedal to the medal.  :)  You can see the end result below.  He's so proud of it and I'm proud of him!

The orange pillow is our new one!

We also finally got our SpellingCity membership updated so we've spent some time checking out their new games and features (review coming up next week!).  Zander still gets very excited to play games and practice his words.  He likes some of the newer games but his favorite is still online hangman.  He loves trying to guess the word before it's too late!  He's a funny guy.

We had a good week and I'm excited about this weekend.  We have another round of visiting company and the boys always enjoy that!  It's a short visit so we have some other things planned as well.  Adisson needs quite a bit of gear for Boy Scout camping (ohmy!!) and I've got a few fun things planned for St. Patrick's Day.  I hope to have some pictures to share next week!

Because I didn't share enough pictures, here's one from a few days ago.
All of my fellas are playing Sorry!  As you can see, it wasn't going as well for Adisson.  

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  1. Great photos! We love SpellingCity around of our favorite resources. :D


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