Sunday, March 2, 2014

In Like a Lion, Let's Hope March Goes Out Like a Lamb

Whew!  What a week!  Really, what a month!

We had a pretty good week in our homeschool, which is always nice!  I like when my planner pages are full of highlighter indicating that we accomplished most of what I had set out to finish.  I also celebrated my 32nd birthday with a new friend and then had dinner in the evening with my fellas.  Plus, February has finally come to a close.  It's always been my favorite month (because of my birthday, of course) but this year it meant an incredibly busy time for us in Cub Scouts and I was glad to see the month end.

Adisson has finished up his social studies unit with a lesson the Gold Rush and has moved on to inventors.  He's been doing very well with his social studies, but it's mostly because he enjoys history and hearing stories of the past.  This week, we discussed Charles Goodyear and the process of vulcanizing rubber.  He's also several lessons into his science unit on organisms.  We're still enjoying using the microscope and are currently in the process of locating a pond to see some pond water up close (still no luck on that front).  It wasn't a big eventful week for Adisson's lessons, but we got a lot done and had several discussions so I'm completely fine with how things went.

Zander is finishing up his workbook on telling time and his time lessons online.  He's doing a great job of reading time, but he's ready to move past just reading time at the half hour.  He'd really like to know what the rest of the numbers mean.  In social studies, he is learning about the foundation and icons of our country and was convinced he saw a bald eagle in the back yard last week.  He came running in to say that he was sure he saw the bird from social studies flying around above the trees.  His science has been going well because he enjoys watching fun Science4Us videos--it's really a great 1st grade science curriculum.  He's still talking about how the little girl in the electricity videos thought that a power plant was a strong cactus.  HA!

Jaxon is .... being Jaxon.  He enjoys the time he is allowed on his "computer school" and he will sit with me to work on some preschool pages for a few minutes each day, but that's about the extent of his school.  I'm so ok with that.  I'll never send a child into the world for a job interview not knowing his alphabet or the names of a dozen different shapes.  With child #3, however, I've totally embraced the power of play.  Plus, Jaxon is a little temperamental and sometimes, I just choose to not rock the boat.

This week, I have my treatment on Monday and then I'm so excited to have my aunt coming by for a quick visit at the end of the week!  She's not been to visit us in North Carolina and I can't wait to see her!  I wish we were doing something super awesome while she was here, but no traveling or museums--she's helping me paint my bedroom.  Hopefully, I'll have some makeover pictures sometime in the next few weeks. We'll see how it turns out!

Anyway, here's to a great, busy week.  What's in store for you?

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