Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Read About our Scout Family!

Something I talk about frequently on my blog is our involvement with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  I'll catch you up to speed on how we are involved in Scouts.

Meet Mr. Adam and Ms. Nicole

First of all, there's my husband.  He's a pretty awesome guy anyway, but in addition to his regularly scheduled awesomeness of working and providing for our family and showing our sons how to be an incredible Dad and husband, he also volunteers as the Cubmaster for the Pack.

He really enjoys being the Cubmaster and the kids LOVE him!!  Moving on to the other half of the dynamic duo pictured above is yours truly, Ms. Nicole.  :)  I am currently the Tiger Den Leader (because I have a cute little Tiger Cub!) and also the Advancements Coordinator.  As Advancements Coordinator, each month (though likely a little more frequently) I visit the Scout shop in our area to buy awards for all of the boys in the Pack.  Then, prior to the monthly Pack meeting, I sort the awards into individual bags to be handed out the meeting.

Our Boy Scout, Our Cub Scout, and Our Scout-To-Be

And now for the three most important reasons we volunteer:

In this photo you see Adisson as an Arrow of Light Webelos.  He has since crossed over into Boy Scouts.  I should get a good picture of him in his uniform tonight.  Then, you see my sweet little Tiger Cub.  He's wearing face paint for earning his Bobcat badge, but he's even recently earned his Tiger badge!  And there with his cute little face in the picture is my youngest fellow, Jaxon.  He's not in Scouts, yet, but he loves it just the same!  Besides, with all of these boys, I'll be a Scout Mom for a long time!

Why go over all of this with you?  Because over the weekend we talked about starting a family Scouting blog.  With each of us being involved in Scouts in a different way, we want to share what we bring to Scouting and more importantly, what Scouting brings to each of us.

Stay tuned!  Any new blog announcements will be made right here!


  1. Because you have SO much free time for another blog, ha! Seriously though, looking forward to reading it. Especially the boys' views!

  2. Love your blog .... always good to read other Cub Scout blogs.... I have one (but not updated lately) at


    Akela Joy


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