Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day: Rainbow in a Jar

Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends!!  

We are blessed to have Adam home with us today so the boys are having an awesome day!  I had planned on visiting a museum this afternoon so when I found out they were closed on Monday, I was pretty disappointed.  I only had a few plans for St. Patrick's Day and now that we are going to be home most of the day, I'm definitely wishing I had more fun activities in store.

Our liquids--
 Honey, light corn syrup, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and olive oil.
We also used water (not pictured).
One thing I had found last week that I wanted to do with the fellas is making a rainbow in a jar.  We've discussed density before and a year ago even made these really awesome "lava lamps"  at a homeschool meet-up.  It was great that they remembered some of what we've talked about in the past.  Like the blog I found detailing the experiment, we discussed how everything is made up of molecules and some liquids have more molecules than others which makes those liquids heavier.  I had two identical jars, a few marbles in one, several in the other (representing molecules), and we each held the jars to determine which one was heavier.  

"This one is HEAVY, Mom!!"

We mixed some food coloring into a few of the liquids to differentiate each one.  Everyone got to add a few drops of food coloring or take a turn stirring the liquid.  Notice my guys are already in their green gear so no pinching today!

Adisson gets quite a bit of supervision. 
After coloring and pouring several different liquids into our jar, you can see the rainbow!  The bottom is honey, the purple (hard to see) is dyed corn syrup, the blue is dish soap, the green is water, the yellow is olive oil, and the red is rubbing alcohol.  And it was a jar full of fun!

Do you see all of the colors?

Since we aren't going to the museum, we have some errands to run today.  My Boy Scout has a backpacking trip coming up, his first, and we still need some supplies.  We also have company coming over tonight so I don't think we'll get much else done today for St. Patrick's Day.  This was a fun activity, though, and I'm so glad I found it last week instead of tomorrow.  That's typically how things work out for me.  :)  Did you do anything fun for St. Patrick's Day?

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