Monday, March 10, 2014

The Week Past and The Week in Store

As a military family living away from all of our extended family, it is such a treat for us when someone visits!  Last week, we were so excited to have my aunt visit us on her way home from a business trip.  The boys had counted down the days for several weeks.  Aunt Ree is very beloved among her nieces and nephews, especially the second wave of them she has in her great-nieces and nephews.   On that note, they spent several days playing board games and building LEGO creations.

Hmmmm, can you guess what else we did over the weekend?

Truthfully, it was far too short of time to spend with her.  The boys were sad to see her leave and have already asked repeatedly when she can visit again.  It's in those times that I find being so far away from family rather difficult.  How fortunate children are when afforded the opportunity to live near extended family members.

In school last week, the boys were busy working on their lessons.  It wasn't a heavy workload, due to our visitor, but they are moving along well as this year begins to wind down.  Adisson is continuing on with his lessons on inventors in social studies and organisms in science.  Zander is finishing up a math unit on operations as he's rather excited to get started on his money unit.  He has also begun using Draw Write Now for handwriting practice and drawing lessons.  He gets a little frustrated at his drawing skills, but practice makes one better--or so I remind him everyday.

We had taken some time off from our spelling lessons but we are starting back up this week (ok, really, I had accidentally let our premium membership to Spelling City lapse and I finally got around to renewing--the boys didn't mind the month off!).  Additionally, I'm currently working on a review of Vocabulary Spelling City.  There are some new features I want to check out a little more, like review lists and personal student lists.  I suppose we could all spend some time reviewing our spelling glossary, as well. ;)  Check back for my review later this week!

This week, we have a lot in store.  To make up for a lighter workload last week, we'll be doing some extra lessons.  More school work means I have to manage the rest of my time in a better way.  Fortunately, I was also given a very wonderful gift at Cub Scouts, the gift of an Assistant Den Leader.  Oh, my goodness am I thrilled!  The timing is splendid as I need to attend Adisson's first Troop meeting on Tuesday night since they will be discussing necessary Boy Scout equipment.  That leads me to my wonderful news...

Adisson beginning his trek across the bridge.
A Cub Scout at the beginning, a Boy Scout at the end.  

My oldest son became a Boy Scout over the weekend in a special outdoor ceremony called Crossover.  As I watched the boys leave Cub Scouts and join the ranks of some incredible boys in the Troop, I felt so proud of my son.  It's hard sometimes to come to terms with the fact that he's growing older each day and becoming more and more independent, but it makes me such a proud mom.  He's not into Boy Scouts just to pass the time or because we, as his parents, are making him be there.  That child LOVES everything about Boy Scouts---and he's only been one for a day.

A beautiful wall-hanging given to Adam and I by a family in the Arrow of Light Den.
 "When a boy finds someone who takes an interest in him, he responds and follows." ~Baden-Powell

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