Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly Recap--With an Awesome Photo of a Plane

Wowza!  It's been a pretty good week around here, thanks in part to some amazing weather.  It's so nice to let the kids run a lot of those wiggles out while canvassing the woods and playing in the dirt.  And, truth be told, it gives Mom a tiny bit of peace in the afternoon.

I want to tell you about our school work this week, but first I have to share a picture of my kiddo.  He recently crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and his first backpacking trip is this weekend.  This isn't the family camping trip he's accustomed to, but a trek where all of his belongings have to fit into his backpack.  And he has to hike to their campsite--wearing said backpack.  And tomorrow they are hiking for 10 miles!  Fortunately, only a third of that will be with a heavy, full backpack; the rest will be with a much lighter day pack.

My pirate Boy Scout?  I don't know what's with the eye.
He's so excited and a teensy bit nervous.  And I'm so nervous and a teensy bit excited!  He's really going to have a great time and I can't wait to hear all about it on Sunday!

Ok, back to school topics....

This was a pretty good week!  We got a good bit of school work completed, lots of fresh air, a trip to a super awesome playground (across the street from an air field!!), and we worked really hard to get Adisson geared up for his big camping trip.

Seriously, it's so much closer than this when your vehicle is underneath!

You saw my post earlier this week on our very fun St. Patrick's Day science project.  This week, we tried to get back in the swing of spelling words.  It was easy to leave that out of our day for a few weeks, but it's important (or something like that) so we're back to weekly lists.  That also makes handwriting assignments a lot easier for me...they can write spelling words and sentences of spelling words.

Among the everyday-ness in our everyday, we also found a few fun parts of school.  Zander found that several of his lessons this week were actually pretty fun first grade games.  Seriously, if I could make everything a game, he could learn anything.  Adisson learned about the short, silent film The Great Train Robbery.  After reading about it, of course we had to look it up.  It was incredibly interesting to see the difference in movies over a 100 years ago and movies now.  It was also pretty amusing to learn that people in the theater actually jumped and shrieked at the end of the movie when a guy faced the camera, pointed a gun, and fired a few shots.

Anyway, this weekend, is going to be a pretty low-key and mellow weekend.  The little boys and I are going to make some cupcakes and finally get around to seeing the movie Frozen.  Anything fun planned for you this weekend?  (Also...I'm trying very, very hard to stay off of Pinterest this weekend....)

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