Friday, March 28, 2014

Why We Love Spelling City!

We've been using a technology- based curriculum in our homeschool for almost three years.  Finding Time4Learning after trying out so many different curricula available was a sweet treat for our homeschool.  Finding Spelling City shortly thereafter really just became the icing on the cake.

This year, juggling two different grade levels has been more of a challenge than it was last year.  My oldest son is in fifth grade while my middle son is in first.  I try to combine as much of their learning as I can but that's not always possible.  We have two computers set up side by side in our school room.  During school time, they each get a computer and I stand between the two of them.  While I alternate which son I'm actively teaching, the other completes review work, worksheets, or heads over to +VocabularySpellingCity.

And we all love Spelling City.

Recently, Spelling City added some new features and games that have made learning more fun for the boys and teaching more fun for me.

New Features

Review Lists
I like to set-up three weeks of spelling word lists and one week of reviewing.  This is especially important for my middle son who is a beginning reader.  With the new Review List feature, I can assign Zander the more difficult words on his previous lists for another review.

Personal Student Lists
Adisson received the Harry Potter book series for Christmas.  He LOVES to read each new book and we are all rewarded by getting to watch the movie after he finishes the book.  Last week, he took advantage of the personal student list feature to create Harry Potter spelling/vocabulary lists to practice new words he's learned.  Now, when he's reading and comes across words like chortled and enthusiastically, he doesn't stumble over them, but reads them with ease.  He's learning (and not complaining) so I'm very happy!

New Games

Oh my goodness, Zander loves Word-O-Pillar.  Sometimes, he can get a little overwhelmed by some of the games, but this one he really likes.  In Word-O-Pillar, a friendly caterpillar encourages him to arrange letters to spell each word on his list.  The game is fun for him because only the letters of each word are included so he doesn't get confused as to what word he's trying to spell.  At the end, the caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly.

Ok, so in a house full of boys, a game that has bugs is pretty much always a hit.  In Splat-N-Spell, you have to save the city from an invasion by squishing cockroaches.  The disgusting bugs are carrying letters on their backs to spell out a vocabulary word.  The splat part makes a gross sound and ick oozes out of the bug when they get smooshed.  Seriously, the boys love it.

Both of my spellers love this game because it's so similar to another computer game they enjoy.  Lettered balls move around in a swirling spiral while they they take aim and shoot balls to complete the spelling word.  It can get fast and fun and they get very excited about it!  They try to get a better score each time they play. Aim 2 Spell is definitely one of their favorites! 

Spelling City Premium Membership

If you are interested in checking out Spelling City, I encourage you to try it! There are great features and games on the free side of Spelling City, but the premium membership is definitely worth the money. Click on the links above to try a demo of each game! 


  1. My favorite activities and games: Vocabulary Testme, Spelling Testme, Aim2Spell, WordFind (Anagrams), and Word Unscramble

  2. We love Spelling City! It still works for my daughter who is 8th/9th grade. Thanks for all the great information you provided. I really hope people go and check Spelling City out!


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