Friday, April 18, 2014

Is it Summer Yet?

So, I've got to tell's a tough life being an Army wife sometimes.  I won't turn this into a rant because it's not that, but it's been a trying time for me over the last few weeks.  The thing is--I know I'm not the only one dealing with parenting solo while my husband is away.  I know this for a certainty (a big shout-out to the three ladies I know within a few minutes of me who are also holding it down while their fellas are away) but it doesn't make my day-to-day any less hectic.

I haven't had time to write as often as I like, we have cereal for dinner, and I have to take all three kids grocery shopping (and I mean, we were out of food, had nothing left to eat, and we spent 3 hours going through my long list because no longer would a quick trip inside for milk and bread cut it).  And when Adam is away, I always think I'm going to get some big project done. HA!  I feel like a superhero if I can keep the laundry going, feed the kids three times each day, get some school work done, and shower.  And let me tell you, there are days one or more of those things don't get done.

Anyway...I just wanted to say

Fortunately, this weekend will bring some relief.  A lovely holiday weekend and the opportunity to spend time together as a family and hopefully with some friends.  I could use the time to connect with others.  :)

Is it Summer Yet?

Ok, so how was school this week?  It was kind of difficult.  The neighborhood kids are all on spring break and we got several little knocks on the door each day that it wasn't raining asking for the boys to be outside.  And the answer was always yes.  Even when they have chores to do or school work to finish, the answer was yes.  Maybe it shouldn't have been.  Maybe I should have insisted that they complete everything FIRST, but all work and no play makes for a very boring childhood.  :)

This week, Adisson finished up his Science unit of organisms and also started a new unit in Social Studies on geography (one of his favorite social studies topics).  He worked on his handwriting, very very reluctantly, and his math lessons.  He also climbed trees, played in the dirt, participated in a rousing game of viking wars with his little brother, and spent a ton of time on their new outdoor toy.

Zander has found a new love of Time4Learning when I was able to get it on his tablet!  Ohmygoodness!  He can do school ANYWHERE!  I think his favorite place so far has been on my bed when I'm working on laundry.  (I hate laundry.  Just wanted to say that.  IT.NEVER.ENDS.)  Between the new app, his Spelling City app, and some free puzzles online, he was left with just handwriting practice and reading to do "the old-fashioned way."

Upcoming Plans and Blog Posts

Like I said, hopefully we'll have some company for the weekend (WOO HOO!) with some Easter fun of coloring eggs with natural dyes for the first time, hunting for eggs in the yard, bonfire with s'mores, and a yummy Easter dinner.  I hope to take some great photos of the kids to share with y'all next week.

I also have some things I want to talk about here on the ol' blog next week like Adisson's entrepreneur venture, Co-op news and info., and a review of the play we saw last weekend.  I would have loved to have written all of those posts this week but I was busy ....with  life.  :)  You get it.


  1. Good morning Rachel,
    I am a new follower of your Google+ site, a granddaughter, daughter and niece to amazing men you gave their life, time and love to support our country in the military. Thank you to your husband, you and your family for service to our country.

    I look forward to following your posts and blogs.

    Have a great weekend.

    Deborah Lavoie
    V.P. Riff Academy

  2. So very sorry, I typed Rachel but meant to type Nicole! Sometimes multi tasking is not a good thing!

    1. Deborah,
      That happens to me, too!! :) No worries! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to leave such a sweet comment! Thank you, as well, to your family members who served our country in such great capacity. Their dedication will always be remembered!


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