Monday, April 14, 2014

Latest News in Our Homeschool

Last week, I discussed the possibility of us joining a local homeschool co-op.  Today, I had the opportunity to attend the co-op Open House.  It was a wealth of information, almost too much, but in a good way!  I was able to learn of all the classes being offered for next school year and in most cases have the opportunity to meet with the teachers/homeschool moms who will be teaching those classes.

Upon arriving home, I talked with each of my sons about which class he'd like to take next year and what I thought about their choices.  They were each able to narrow it down to a few options in each time block and registration information was sent.  Now, we wait to find out if they got their desired classes.

Planning Ahead

Thinking about classes for next year's co-op also leads me to thinking of curriculum for next year.  Have you started with the planning that comes along with preparing for next year?  Fortunately, we are sticking with the same core curriculum.  We'll be using Time4Learning as we have for the last several years.  It's a great online curriculum, secular and Christian homeschooling alike.  We'll also be adding in any books that the boys will be using as part of co-op.  With a few of their choices, additional textbooks and materials will need to be purchased and they will have homework each week.  I want to incorporate their homework into their school days throughout the rest of the week.  Additionally, we'll be incorporating a music study and an art appreciation study.   I'm hoping to look for some of those resources at next month's NCHE Homeschool Conference and Book Fair.

One thing that I plan on doing before I attend the conference is to look through the lessons for both of the boys to see what we will be covering throughout next year.  For larger units, I like to purchase supplies, go-along books, and/or additional materials that will aid in their learning.  I like to be sure I have plenty of science tools on hand.  Fortunately, there's a handy resource guide for 6th grade science that I'll be able to reference when making a shopping list.

So, the co-op meeting went well, now we just wait to see if we get in to our first choice classes.  I'm planning for school next year.  And I can't wait to get to the NCHE Conference.  My brain is working overtime today!

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