Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Kid: The Entrepreneur

Since Adisson was about four years old, he's been trying to make money.  He's not especially greedy or in need of cash, but he has harbored an entrepreneurial spirit since before he started school.

In nearly every house in which we have lived, he's tried to advertise for lawn care by making a sign for the front yard.  Funnily enough, he doesn't know much about yard maintenance.  He's tried to open a restaurant in our home.  He's always dreamed of setting up a lemonade stand.  Recently, he tried making his own trading cards and selling them to kids he knows.  I'm not even scratching the surface of his business dreams, though.

Now that he's 11, I feel like he's reached an age where we can explore opportunities for him to earn some money.  Recently, I stopped in a local craft shop (I'm a huge fan so I'm promoting the biz because the owner is AMAZING!) and asked the lovely lady behind the counter if she would be interested in selling paracord bracelets in her store.  (Side note: Adisson learned to make survival bracelets out of parachute cord nearly two years ago.  In the time, he's made more than I can count.  Last Christmas, he received a colorful assortment of paracord and made bracelets and keychains for everyone he knew.)  She mentioned that she had her own paracord enthusiasts at home so probably not.  She did, however, inform me of the local vendor event that the city has on the second Sunday of each month.  Table space is a available for a reasonable rent and she'd help promote his fledgling business.

I couldn't wait to talk to my fella about the idea.  I knew he'd be sold instantly.  I was absolutely right.

Cord Scout

We made plans, ordered (a lot of) paracord, gathered additional supplies, even sprang for a bracelet making jig in order to speed up the process.  As previously mentioned on the blog, he's a new Boy Scout and has dreams of attending Boy Scout Summer Camp this year.  It's a bit on the pricey side so he decided he'd really like to use any money made from his business to help pay for summer camp.

In the days leading up to the event, Adisson spent every free minute making bracelets.  The day before, we worked on flyers, brochures, signage, and gathering supplies needed to set up his booth.  Once the big day arrived, Adisson and I were up very early to make sure we had everything prepared.  The babysitter showed up to stay with the little boys and we were on our way.

I won't go into a minute by minute recap of the day but rather a quick overview.  We were given a spot that turned out to be a less traveled sidewalk so that meant less foot traffic.  We accepted the offer to move to a new spot (though, I was sad to leave our vendor neighbors who could be the sweetest folks in Sanford!) and got set up a second time.  The weather was gorgeous, the sound of live music filled the streets, and there were people checking out the wares.

His display table.

Sadly, it didn't mean a lot of business for Adisson.  He ended the day with less than a half dozen sales.  But really, the kid was on cloud nine.  He was thrilled.  Sure, selling 50 bracelets would have been awesome, but we talked all week about how even selling one bracelet was a success.  It was a success.

 When I told him about the idea, he instantly said yes.  I told him it would be a lot of work and take a lot of time to get ready but he wasn't phased, he wanted to do it.  And he did it.  He stayed up late, he woke up early, he gave up free time and made bracelets.  He spent 5 hours sitting outside, greeting every single passer-by with a smile and friendly hello.  He answered questions (yes, he made EVERY SINGLE BRACELET HIMSELF), he offered to make custom bracelets on the spot, and he spoke with a reporter from a neighboring newspaper.  He would occasionally comment on not getting many sales but he was so happy to be there so he didn't give it much thought.

Bracelets in several colors!

A Letter to My Son

And because he reads my blog and because I love him I want to say this to him:

Adisson, I am so over-the-moon proud of you.  You worked hard and you didn't give up.  You put in so much time and effort and when the big day finally came, your excitement was contagious.  You may not have made a lot of money, but you learned so much more on that day.  Sometimes, it may seem like I forget how awesome you are when I'm nagging you about getting your chores or assignments completed, but you are an incredible kid.  I'm blessed beyond measure to be your mother.  I'm excited to see the young man you are becoming and I hope your entrepreneurial spirit is fostered with love and care in the coming years.

Let's do this. 


  1. You go Adi!!! I'm still waiting on my bracelet:) Im sure it just got lost in the mail somewhere.

    1. I have so much stuff to send to you. :) One day it will happen. I'll be posting photos soon of the colors he has available so people can tell him what he wants. Family has to order, but your order is on me. Also, pretty sure Mr. Texas wants his own.


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