Thursday, April 10, 2014

To Co-Op or Not to Co-Op?

One facet of homeschooling we are considering is whether or not to join a co-op.  This isn't the first time in our homeschooling adventure that we have entertained that idea.  This will actually be our third attempt, if we opt to consciously couple ourselves with a local co-op.

Why hasn't a co-op worked in for our family in the past?

Typically, as part of a co-op, you have to volunteer in some way, usually by teaching (or co-teaching) a class.  Co-ops haven't worked for us in the past mainly for that reason.  It's not that I don't want to volunteer, quite the opposite actually.  When my fellas are participating in something, I'm ready to get in there and offer my assistance in any way that would be helpful.  I haven't been able to teach a class in the past because of Jaxon's behavioral issues.  Either he won't allow me to devote attention to any other child or he's screaming to ensure my attention is focused solely on him.  Suppose those two examples are pretty much the same, huh?  Alternatively, when I've attempted to leave him in childcare in an unfamiliar place, he doesn't handle that well--even if we keep trying.

The biggest reason I think that our family might be ready this time around is because of the type of co-op that we're considering.  I don't have to volunteer to teach a class.  In fact, teachers for the fall and the class schedule has already been decided.  There's an Open House next week and Adisson and I going to check it out.

Have you ever participated in a co-op?  What are you thoughts on the benefits of a homeschool co-op?  I'll be sure to share my thoughts after next week's Open House!

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