Sunday, April 6, 2014

Two Speeds: Busy and Busier

As usual, last week was another busy one at the McGhee household and the week ahead promises to be even busier.  In addition to school, work, Scouts, and continuing spring cleaning, I'm also really itching to work on a new craft project I've recently begun.  One day, I'm going to finally perfect the time management skills I need.  Well, maybe not.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we'll be starting a family Scouting blog.  We're working on it now so I hope to release it to the whole wide world in just a few weeks.  Since I talk about Scouting so often on this blog, that's definitely going to create a void in my subject matter.  To keep you abreast of what we're doing around here, I will tell you that my Boy Scout has been working on an exciting new venture for himself.  In an effort to raise money to pay for Summer Camp, he's setting up a table at a craft fair next weekend!  He'll be selling paracord items that he's made.  We have SO MUCH work to do this week to get ready.

Homeschool is Cool School

So, as far as school goes, we're starting to wrap this year up and we're ready to be done.  We finally have the sunny weather we've been awaiting and the boys are desperate to be outside as much as possible.  Personally, I'd love to spend each day laying in a hammock on the beach reading books to the kids. The addition of new outdoor toy also lends itself to additional "recess" time.

It's a Razor Power Ride 360.  And it's awesome!
Here is Adisson taking it on a spin.

This week, we'll be working on some Scout stuff as part of our school work.  Adisson is finishing up a merit badge and Zander is trying to earn his Science pin.  Zander even sat down with me to pick out the pin requirements he'd like to work on this week.  He's most excited about making a collection of rocks (that's the Minecraft fan in him) and performing a science experiment in front of an audience (his family).  We've been looking up a few different experiments and I think we found one that will be great for the pin and as a force and motion lesson.  I'll hopefully catch a few photos of that process.

He is just such a sweetheart.  

Upcoming Posts

I have some posts coming up this week that I'm excited to post regarding end of year testing (required in North Carolina) and whether or not we're ready to try a co-op again...for the third time.  :)  Plus, I had the chance to review what I think is the best kids cookbook I've ever read.  Stay tuned, friends.

This is how I found my little monster and the fat cat we call Earl.
On Adisson's bed while Adi was away camping.


  1. Love the photos! And, both of my boys LOVE to cook, so I'm looking forward to your review on that cookbook! :)

  2. Thank you, Katie! :) I'm excited to finish up the review because it's an awesome cookbook!


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