Monday, April 28, 2014

Update on Our Co-op Decision

I mentioned last week that I had some co-op news and I do.

We have signed up for the local co-op starting in August.  We're pretty excited about it!  I signed us up on the day of the Open House which enabled us to start registering for classes right away.  I was so anxious to find out if we got into all of the classes we wanted (it's first come, first served) and was quite happy when I got word that we had.

Classes the Boys are Taking

Adisson will be taking Zoology, Civics, and Lego Robotics.  He is thrilled about the Lego class.  He's been wanting a Lego Mindstorms set for so long and I've been saying no.  And then his Dad started telling me why we should have one (boys and their toys).  In all honesty, hearing about this class was the reason we checked out the Open House.  I knew how much Adisson would like it and he's elated that he is able to take the class.

Zander will be taking a literature class, a social studies class, and Botany.  He's excited about everything.  He said he's most interested in the botany class and I know it will be a lot of fun for him.  We also know the two ladies teaching during his social studies period, so he said he was really looking forward to being in that class.  I'm delighted that he's so happy about everything.

Jaxon got a spot in the only preschool class offered.  It's only for one hour so for the other two hours he'll be hanging out with me.  I'm hoping that we can work on his school stuff during that time also!  Still not entirely sure what that means, yet, but I know I'm not trying to drag a lot of preschool items to and from co-op each week.

It's Time to Wake Up!

Being part of a co-op will definitely be a big change for us. We aren't ever governed by much of a schedule, especially not in the morning. Since co-op classes start at 9:00 am, we will absolutely have to adjust our morning routine. Jax will be with me most of the morning, though, so I'm not as apprehensive about his ability to cope with the change. His brothers can't wait to try something new so I'm hopeful this all works out for everyone.

This co-op definitely more geared to high school homeschooling.  The classes they offer for high school students are pretty incredible.  I'm pleased with the offerings for my younger kids, and Adisson is ridiculously happy with his Lego class, but I'm also looking forward to the classes for them as they get older.  Not that I'm wishing the time passes that quickly!

All in all, I think we're all happy with the decision to try out this co-op.  I hope the feeling remains when we start waking up early on Monday mornings, my least favorite day of the week.  :)  In other news, there's a possibility of a new homeschool group forming in our area.  It's still at the most very beginning stages of discussion so I can't comment on it, but I'm hopeful!  I'll keep you posted!

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