Monday, May 5, 2014

Backyard Laser Tag is All Fun and Games Until...

We had been waiting for the weekend after a pretty mellow week.  Our Saturday started out pretty great when Zander FINALLY lost the loose tooth that he has been wiggling around all week.  Later, the boys were thrilled to have been invited to a backyard laser tag party.  And let me tell you, they were not disappointed.  It was awesome and we had such a good time that we're hoping to have our own backyard party in the coming months (though, it doesn't look super hopeful with the condition of our backyard).  In the last round, adults joined in on the fun...including this adult.

And then it happened.  The Incident.  My boys rocked at Laser Tag.  Seriously, each of them were supremely good at the game.  Adisson was pro, Zander was fearless, and Jax was so cute!  In the aforementioned last round, I was having a ton of fun playing and while hiding behind a tree to shoot some guys on the other team, I noticed that everyone stopped moving and started calling for me.  Zander was injured.

At first it was thought to be a bloody nose.  When I got to him as he was kneeling on the ground, I saw that it wasn't his nose.  Blood was covering his face and gushing from his head.  He rounded a corner and ran into another player (a cute little sweetheart we know who played laser tag in a dress!) who he had been bumping into the whole evening.  This time, however, it wasn't a bump.  It was the barrel of the gun slicing into his face and leaving a deep, crescent shaped gash that was spewing blood.  I knew right away that an ER visit was necessary.

He was terrified that he would need stitches.  Truthfully, I was terrified, as well.  I had a very traumatic experience a long time ago with my best friend's oldest son.  At the time, he was just a tiny little toddler and while in my care, there was an incident that required him to receive stitches.  It was a difficult situation for me and I was worried I'd be reliving it with my emotional little guy.

Thankfully, the doctor determined that the cut could be fixed with some skin glue.  I nearly lept off of the chair in excitement.  It was a short-lived excitement as the glue began to sting quite a bit once it worked itself into the cut.  :(  That part wasn't so good.  After a relatively short time in the ER, we finished up and made our way back to the party.

The following day, Zander looked a bit of a mess with a swollen eye and a missing tooth.  I hoped a trip to get some frozen yogurt would lift his spirits and it did but he spent the rest of the evening pretty tired and worn out.  Suppose it was too much activity for my weary kiddo.

All in all, this post was written for a few reasons.

  1. A friend said this would give me something to blog about and I told her that I would.  
  2. I know my family will want to all the deets.  
  3. And I this is what the the life of a Mama of three little boys is all about...dealing with bang-ups and blood.  

Also Happening in the McGhee Household

In other news, I got word that my parenting partner will be away for a bit more time than I was expecting in the coming months.  I'm not thrilled about it but when is it ever exciting to hear that your significant other will be away for any length of time?  The last few months haven't been very peaceful for me and I've been dealing with some things personally.  I'm not sure what I need to do to get it smoothed out, but hopefully that answer comes to me soon.  In hopes to make up for Dad being away for work, I'm trying to plan some extended family time.  There are a lot of details I need to work out for that to happen so I've got some planning in store.  

In the meantime, I've got a lot to do this week and not a lot of time to get it done.  I'm also pretty sure the school year is going to be largely wrapped up for us before the convention so we've got a lot of things to finish between now and then.  


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