Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Boys and Dead Squirrels

You never know when science is going to rear its head and become a learning lesson at the most inopportune times.  The other day, we were leaving the house to get to Adisson's vendor fair.  Upon pulling out of the subdivision, there was a dead squirrel laying on the road.  He was recently deceased, really just looked as though he was sleeping (in a weird position with his eyes open...but whatever).  He wasn't flattened in the middle nor were his entrails laying beside him.  He was a pretty specimen to see, even though I felt bad for his untimely passing.  (And yes, I'm pretty sure it was a boy.  We had quite the discussion about that, as well.)

This is how I choose to remember the squirrel.

And then the conversation started.  It begins with the four year old.

Why is the squirrel dead?
How did he died?
Why did he died?
What was he doing?
Where was he going?
Where does he live?
Where is his family?

His brothers chimed in with colorful descriptions of what he was doing there and how he died.  Then, Adam realized he left something back at the house.  We had to turn around.  No one cared because it meant we got to see the squirrel two more times, each time driving past even slower (the last time we came to a full stop) to get a look at the squirrel.

And then I got to explain what happens to dead animals on the road. But my explanations were soon drowned out by very graphic descriptions of dead animals.  And mention of exploding animals.

Have you seen the exploding whale video?  (It's gross and graphic!)

That's when you know you are the mama of boys.  Dirty, stinky, gross boys.

But it sure makes for an interesting van ride.


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