Wednesday, May 21, 2014

He's Still Learning...

I've been rather fussy with my oldest son lately.  I've been complaining that he hasn't been doing enough of his school assignments.  In fact, it was because of him that I decided that we would once again resume schooling year-round, effective June 2.  But I may have been wrong.  (Oh geez, my husband is going to read that sentence....)

You see, my son became a Boy Scout in March.  He was very active in Cub Scouts up to that point and was THRILLED to be transitioning.  Last night was his first Court of Honor.  He was the only one in his patrol that earned merit badges along with his Scout badge, his firem'n chit, and his totin' chip.  His merit badges weren't super difficult to earn, but they did require his time and effort.

And you know what else he did?  He started a business.  A real business.  He's placed an order for inventory, made his product, done a lot of research, made flyers, set-up his vendor booth on two occasions, earned his own money for Boy Scout camp, and much more.  Along the way, he worked on two different merit badges; entrepreneurship and salesmanship.

While he may not have done as much science as I would like (though, that kid has talked my ear off about creatures and plants he's finding in the woods) or maybe enough of his online lessons, he's been learning.  I can recognize that now.  He's been learning in ways that are evident in his Boy Scout path, his knowledge of the nature around us, and the inner workings of his fledgling business.

Isn't that why I'm homeschooling?  So my children can learn in ways they wouldn't be able to otherwise?  So while I'm still not pleased with his lack of interest in his school lessons ("But, Mom, it's soooo nice outside!"), I am thrilled with what he is learning.

But he's still starting the sixth grade on June 2.

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