Monday, May 12, 2014

How I Spent Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was as typical as any other Sunday.  Adisson had a vendor event for his paracord business so we had to get up early and get ready for the fair.  Last month, Adisson and I went by ourselves but this time, we were all going together.  I wanted to show Adisson we all supported his efforts.

My salesman.

This month, the fair was much better than last time.  We got a good spot with plenty of shade and space for us.  Set-up is pretty easy, as opposed to other vendors who have a lot more products to offer so set-up takes much longer.  We also were lucky enough to be just down the street from a dog rescue booth.  Most of our day was spent walking back and forth between Adisson's booth and the puppies so the kids could have plenty of time for puppy kisses and dog snuggles.  For this mama, a very sweet dog tugged quite a bit on my heartstrings.  She was a very nice, lovey dog that I would really like to consider fostering to see if adoption would be a possibility.

Uh-oh, someone's trying to break the dog out! :)

I'm so sad I wasn't able to get a good shot of her pink toenails.
And yes, that's just how her ears work. :)

I was also blessed with an amazing dinner made by my husband...steaks on the grill!  It was so very yummy!  After dinner, we had a great dessert of chocolate cupcakes, my favorite kind, also made by my husband and two littlest kiddos.  I was given some precious homemade cards that my boys had made the previous evening with their new babysitter along with an adorable card that Jaxon made at Cub Scouts last week.

And I got to spend some time playing with my Mother's Day/Anniversary brand new Chromebook.  It's not just lovely to have my first very own laptop, it's lovely that it's the most beautiful color--ocean turquoise.  It's like it was made just for me.

So, really it was a great day.  No breakfast in bed, but I was the first one awake anyway, and the roses I enjoyed were growing in my own flower bed.  I got to spend the day with my three favorite kids and their super awesome Dad.  While it would have been lovely to spend the day with any/all of my own mothers, it was perfectly lovely to spend the day with my sons--the cutest little kids--the ones who call me Mom.

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