Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our Reactions to a Local Play

A few weeks ago, the boys and I had the opportunity to check out a local play.  This was no ordinary play, however.  It was a musical performed by homeschoolers.  Wow, right?  We attended The Prodigal Princess and the Knights of the Slightly Oblong Table.  

I was a little apprehensive to take the littlest guy because he's not typically one to hold still and be quiet.  He had also napped earlier in the day so there was no chance he was going to fall asleep during the performance (which would have been lovely).  However, despite my concern for Jaxon's behavior, we didn't want to miss the play.  Most importantly, we wanted to support local homeschoolers.  Secondly, we knew someone who was in the play!

Ok, so confession time: I've never taken the kids to see a play.  I suppose I've not found one they would be interested in viewing.  This time, I knew they'd be hooked right away...I mean the performers were kids.  Homeschooled kids!!  We were excited when we got to the community center and picked up our tickets.  We snagged decent seats, but the place was filling up fast.  When the lights dimmed and we knew it was time to get started, the boys were very already on the edge of their seats!

And let me tell!  It was pretty incredible.  The kids on stage were just amazing.  The narrators were just absolutely fantastic. There were laughs to be had throughout the evening.  The Knights were hilarious and the minions (I think that's what they called themselves....) had my boys doubled over in laughter.
Jax was getting very restless so at intermission I asked the older boys if they wanted to leave, but they were having none of that!  They HAD to see what was going to happen next.  There's no way they wanted to leave yet!  So we checked out the snack stand and had some refreshments.

The break settled Jaxon down for a little while, until the first time the lights dimmed and he asked if we were leaving.  I know I should have left him with the babysitter but to his credit, despite being taken over by the wiggles and squirmies, he was quiet the ENTIRE time.  He stayed seated with me for the entire performance.  So really, I was a winner here!

The performance was so good, it is being made into a movie!  Click here for additional details.

But for me, it wasn't just a night about the play.  I mean, it was inspiring to watch.  Zander even told me as we were leaving that he loved the play so much and that it was "better than a movie!"  But there was a moment on stage when it was all over that was amazing to witness.

You see, not only was this play performed by homeschool kids, it was written and directed by a homeschool graduate, Joshua Rexford, and the music was written by his younger brother.  We saw the last performance and at the end their Mom stood on stage with her sons and just wanted to take a moment to embrace that one tiny second.

It was that small, fleeting moment that I cherished.  That homeschool mom and I likely have little in common.  Well, homeschool moms---sons---guess those are big things....but in that moment, it's like I could feel how full of love her heart was for her boys.  It was special for me, so I'm sure it was quite breathtaking for her.

It was an amazing way to end an entertaining evening.

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