Sunday, May 25, 2014

So Many Ideas

The last few days have been pretty amazing.  The conference was incredible.  I learned so much, I'd really just like a day or two to let it all sink in and work its way into my head.  However, I can't stop thinking about everything so I've got to put some thoughts into actions.  Some ideas have to do with our homeschool and others are about my personal website/blog.  

What's Changed?

The biggest difference the conference will make in our homeschool is not one you will be able to see.  The biggest thing I learned over the weekend is how monumentally important it is to build the best relationships I can with my sons.  You think that I would already know that, you think that I would see the importance in great relationships with my children...and I do.  The conference didn't just make me realize that relationships were the most important but that school was not.  

The next thing that has changed for me has been the content of my website in the coming weeks and months. You'll still find my regular, witty posts, but you'll also find more posts that relate to various aspects of mothering.  I will also be publishing our daily life and chronicles of our homeschool on a new blog which I will be unveiling in the coming days.

A lot going on, right?  It really was a pretty productive conference.    

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