Monday, May 19, 2014

Something is Changing in our Homeschool

I've had a change of heart as far as scheduling for our homeschool is concerned.  We used to school year-round.  Then, I changed to taking summers off, which was awesome!  But we are changing again.  We'll be starting our new school year on June 2.  I will then have a sixth grader, second grader, and preschooler.

Do you know what that means?

I have to make lessons plans for a new school year that will be starting in two weeks!

(insert panicked mom face here!)

BUT, I can do this.  You see, not much of our school year is changing.  Our core curriculum is staying the same (Time4Learning) so I've already started on our lesson plans. I've even made a spreadsheet with dates and assignments for different subjects.  It's not completed, yet, and I'm only scheduling through the end of August, but regardless, I can do this.  The homeschool co-op that we joined starts up in the middle of August so our schedule will be on the lighter side until that time.  

The only part I'm finding a little tricky is that I'm trying to get through some of the lessons to prepare supply lists before Thursday.  That's the day I leave for the NCHE Conference!!  Since I don't buy any curriculum at the book fair portion of the conference, I try to pick up supplies that we'll need for our homeschool year.

Part of me is incredibly excited about this change in our homeschool.  Another part of me wishes we'd have a regular summer vacation.  I just feel like this schedule will work out much better for our family.  The kids are rather skeptical, however.  I'll see what I can do to change their minds.

In the meantime, I've got some scheduling to do.  While our core curriculum will remain the same, I do have a few changes or additions I'm trying to make.  Adisson is going to work on a literature study over the summer (pretty sure he'll be putting this spelling glossary to use) and I'll be adding in some sort of handwriting program (suggestions for middle school?).  Zander is going to be spending a little more time on his school work now that he'll be in the second grade, but he's going to be excited because he loves school!

Between school plans and conference preparations, I'm am about maxed out over the next few days.  I should step away from the computer and get to work!

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