Thursday, May 8, 2014

What Happens When a Tooth Comes Out

I previously mentioned that my middle fella had lost his very first tooth.  At the beginning of last week, he came running up to me exclaiming that his tooth was loose!  With as much as he was wiggling it from the first day, I thought he'd lose it rather quickly.

Jaxon was rather concerned about the whole ordeal.  I explained to Zander the process of losing a tooth with my littlest fella listening nearby.  When Jax heard about the tooth falling out, he became very worried that Zander would lose all of his teeth at once and be rendered completely toothless.  "But, Mom!  How would Zander eat his food?!"  He never did believe me that some of his teeth would remain.

After the tooth fell out but before the injury.

I forgot how gross it is when a kid has a loose tooth.  It's all hanging there and sticking out.  It's not terrible for the first few days but then it gets to the point where it's barely hanging on so when they start talking it's like they are breathing with such verocity that the tooth is a little white flag barely hanging onto a pole.  And regardless how much you prepare them for what's going to happen when it finally falls out, when the tooth finally shakes free the whole house erupts in pandomonium.

Z was enjoying a sandwich for lunch on Saturday afternoon when he said he felt something crunchy.  Fearing it was "mold on his bread" (side note: Zander has never once consumed mold and would have no idea what it tastes like.  However, he has tried eating bread from a bag that wasn't sealed leaving parts of it crunchy and/or hard so I think that's what he's referencing) he pulled the sandwich out of his mouth.  That's when the squealing started!  The tooth had finally wrangled free from his gums and was in his hand.

Since he lost his tooth on Saturday morning, he was expecting to hide it under his pillow that evening.  Despite the fact that his tooth had been loose for several days, I still had done nothing to prepare for this exciting event.  I wanted to have a tooth pillow, some little tooth fairy stationery, you know...the works.  But I failed.  (PS, I just love mom guilt.)  So Saturday--the tooth comes out, we leave just an hour later to head out to the birthday party I blogged about, had an injury that took us to the ER, and got home rather late.  Zander was disappointed that we didn't get to do all of his tooth fairy stuff but I placated him by asking to wait until his Dad returned home to be part of the festivities.  Really, though, it was to buy me some time.

Some super cute stationary I found online.
I changed it up a bit, but it's so lovely! 
And still I wasted it.  Finally, though, after I sent the fellas up to bed on Sunday night, I started working on Zander's tooth fairy pillow.  His older brother helped him write a letter to the tooth fairy (which was super sweet) and it was already stashed under his head.  I whipped up his tooth fairy pillow rather quickly so I ran it up to him hoping he was still awake.

Due to an intense desire to find the tooth fairy flying about, Z wasn't yet sleeping and LOVED the pillow.  I'm pretty sure it couldn't have looked any worse than it did, but Zander didn't care.  It was made from some superhero material I had leftover from a project I made for him once and a pocket from a t-shirt he used to wear to bed.'s a hot mess of a pillow but that kiddo---he's just amazing and told me it was "AWESOME!!"

A less than perfect tooth fairy pillow.

So, the point of this post is even though you think you've totally flaked on something, your kid sees an effort.  He sees when you have taken time to do something special, he sees when you do something that's just for him.  What he doesn't see are uneven stitches or an off-center pocket for holding a tooth.  He went to sleep knowing that I thought this event was special.  Crooked stitches and all.

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