Friday, August 15, 2014

Just a Few Days to Go...

In a few days, our 8th year of homeschooling will begin.  A lot has changed in our family since our homeschooling journey began back in 2006.  We've added to our family, we've moved several times, we've said goodbye and hello to Daddy (traveling for work) more times than I could possibly count, and don't even get me started on homeschool curricula.  But a few things stay the same.

My resolve to homeschool grows with each year.  My planning skills are more refined as I grow accustomed to scheduling for more than one child.  And the kids are still pretty awesome.

One of their fave pics from MineCon last year.
See?!  Awesome.  :)

So What's New?

From last year to this one, the biggest change we will see is the addition of a homeschool co-op into our lives.  We've tried a co-op a few times before but we've never really fit as well as I'd like.  This year, we are trying again.  This co-op seems really great and the boys are definitely looking forward to some new material that we haven't yet covered.

I've also been working on our schedule quite a bit.  This year, I'm trying a color-coded spreadsheet--a book for each child, a sheet for each month.  We obviously haven't put it to use yet, but I've got to tell you that I think it's really pretty!

Homeschool = Cool School

Let me tell you something else, I love homeschooling.  I know that sounds super cheesy and I know on some days I feel as though I could pull my hair out strand by strand, but at the end of the day (or the week), I love it.  I love teaching my sons, I love learning alongside them, I love spending my days with them--I mean, this is where it's at!!

Whether you are homeschooling preschool or looking into an eighth grade curriculum, homeschool is cool school.  When high school approaches, no worries, there are countless amazing resources to help you each step of the way.  So if your homeschool is gearing up for another awesome year or if you've already started, I'm sending you my "warm fuzzies" for an incredible journey over the next nine months.  Even the bad days, even the days you are convinced no learning has taken place, even if sick days turn into sick weeks, you are doing an amazing thing by homeschooling.

Can you tell I love the start of a new school year?  And you haven't even seen me sniff the books.  :)

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