Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Days of Boy Stuff: Salesmanship

I've accepted a 31 Day Writing Challenge.  Here is my Day One post explaining the challenge a bit more, plus it will link you to every post for the month.

My guys are Scouts.  Adisson has recently earned his Tenderfoot rank in Boy Scouts and Zander is a Wolf in Cub Scouts.  They love the outdoors, the love tying knots, and fishing.  As as a family we are very involved in Scouting.  And we are in the throes of fundraising.  The boys are selling popcorn to raise money for their Pack and Troop.

Since we are homeschoolers, this is the only fundraiser in which we participate...and for that I'm incredibly grateful.  As much as I am annoyed by selling popcorn (the door-to-door, the selling in front of big box stores) is as much as my sons love selling popcorn.

Zander having a treat after a great sales day!

Like his mother, Adisson is a born salesperson.  I've always been able to sell, to close the deal, to reel people in and my oldest son is no exception.  In fact, in preparation for this year's selling season, my 11 year old donned a popcorn costume and wrote several rap songs to convince people to buy popcorn.  Zander is a quieter salesman though he is firm in his delivery--"Would you like to buy some popcorn or make a donation?" and he's absolutely adorable so he's hard to turn down.

So when it's time to sell popcorn, my boys are ready.  I love doing what I can to cultivate their salesmanship.  What does it mean to a young boy to be a good salesman?

It means he is confident.

When it's time to sell to the neighbors, Zander is nervous.  He's excited, he goes up and knocks on the door, but he's still nervous.  By the third house, however, he's found his groove and his confidence.  When we are participating in Show-n-Sell events (where we set up and sell popcorn in front of stores), he takes him a little while to find his rhythm but when he does, he's unstoppable.

Zander and Adisson, getting their sales on!

It means he's a good communicator.

My boys love to talk.  I mean, this house is NEVER quiet.  In fact, Adisson spends much of the day making noise just to make noise.  When they practice their sales pitches, we remind them often that they need to speak up, to speak clearly, to enunciate.  Adisson and Zander both have to work at communicating well and clearly.  We use their "popcorn selling voice" as an example when reminding them to communicate well with others.

Jax wanted to be popcorn.  For two minutes.

It means he can be successful.

The boys each set goals for themselves when popcorn season starts.  This year, Adisson's goal is smaller than goals he's had in the past, but he's been told repeatedly that Boy Scouts have a harder time selling than the smaller, cuter Cub Scouts.  Zander also has a sales goal.  We're hoping that through hard work over the coming weeks that they can each reach their sales goal.  It's exciting to them to set a goal and find themselves successful in reaching it.

Dad showing the boys how it is done.

So if a Cub Scout or Boy Scout rings your doorbell in the next few weeks, please listen before you say no.  The money he raises helps him earn money for awesome activities like the Pinewood Derby and Summer Camp.  The skills he acquires, however, are skills he can continue to hone as he grows into a young adult.

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