Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of Boy Stuff: Trip to the Doctor is Day Two of my 31 Days of Boy Stuff.  (Note: find Day One here.) I want to tell you about video games, pocket knives, and how to safely build a fire.  However, today I have something else that's pretty typical of boys, of all kids really, and that would be a trip to the doctor's office.

Yesterday, my middle guy woke up with a sore throat and as the day progressed so did his fever.  This morning, he began complaining of an earache.  Typically, I try to give things like this a minute before we start with any prescription medications.  However, in January, Zander had a pretty difficult time with an earache that spun wildly out of control.  It required several trips to see a doctor and a few different medications to get it to settle down and go away.  He was in a lot of pain for a few days and pretty uncomfortable for much longer.  He's very concerned this issue will start down the same path.

An appointment later, it's been confirmed to be a double ear infection.  Thankfully, however, no strep throat.  Zander is a bit concerned he'll have to miss popcorn selling this weekend and homeschool co-op on Monday.  He's been persuaded to rest and drink a lot of water so he'll still be able to participate in his upcoming activities.

In order to keep him on the couch, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for this evening.

#1.  Movies.

Zander loves movies.  I'm hoping to bust out a few that he hasn't seen in awhile.  Or maybe Netflix.  The boys are huge survivalist show fans and will watch just about anything with Bear Grylls eating some weird bug.  Plus, there are always really neat educational shows on Netflix.  He's been learning about the American Revolution this year in school so it would be really neat to find something to watch on that topic.  

#2.  Card Games.

Board games are super fun, but difficult when I've got a 2nd grader wrapped up like a burrito on the couch.  Card games, however, are more manageable.  One of our favorites is a game called Slamwich.  It's a game of bread shaped cards with different sandwich toppings.  Each person flips over a card trying to build a slamwich or a double decker without being stopped by the thief.  Hopefully, it doesn't get him too wound up because it can definitely get a little fast paced.

#3.  Books!

Zander received a super neat Lego book from his Memaw this weekend, featuring the minifigures from the Monster Fighters series.  Since we have most of the Monster Fighter series (including the crazy awesome Haunted House!), he's very excited to read this book.

I didn't get to talk about typical boy stuff today, but these are the kind of things my sons do when they don't feel so great.  Hopefully, tomorrow finds my sweet little Wally feeling much better; especially since we have an incredible field trip planned for the afternoon.  Can't wait to tell you all about it!

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