Monday, October 6, 2014

31 Days of Boy Stuff: Vacation!

I've accepted a 31 Day Writing Challenge.  Here is my Day One post explaining the challenge a bit more, plus it will link you to every post for the month.

It's been a rough day here.  The weather was gorgeous--an incredible autumn day.  But for the last few days, my preschooler has been exceptionally difficult.  I know I just blogged about it yesterday and to save the repetition, I'm not going to talk about it again.  I've been driven to tears enough today so I have no desire to talk anymore.

Instead, I want to share some vacation videos.  We visited my Dad, stepmom, and (most of) my little brothers during their vacation at the beach this year and it was so lovely.  Not only is it incredible to spend time with them, but no place on earth soothes my soul like the coast.  Well, my Grandma's house at Christmas is a pretty close second.  :)

Grandpa snagged a ghost crab!
One of our most favorite things to do at the beach is to go ghost crab hunting.  You go to the beach after dark, (seriously, it's nearly magical in the silence of twilight) with a flashlight or two and just start taking a walk.  When you shine your light down the beach, you'll see them...teeny tiny little crabs skittering across the sand.  It's so neat!  And they are incredibly fast!  It can be tricky to pick them up, but my Dad had on a glove, making it a bit easier.  He would scoop them up so we could all see them up close and personal before we put them back down to watch them run away again.


So, I wanted to hold a crab, too.  They are so cute!  I managed to pick up a REALLY small crab and hold him for a second before he scared me and I put him back down very quickly.  But goodness, how cute is he?

Grandpa and Jax holding a crab Jaxon caught!

We also enjoy crabbing in the sound.  We don't usually keep or eat the crabs because they are too small but catching them is awesome!  Did you know you catch a crab with a raw chicken neck?  You hook a neck through a crab hook that's anchored with a sinker.  When the crabs grab on to the chicken neck, you pull them up and swoop in with the crab net.  We then spend a few minutes checking them out before sending them home.

Here's another cutie!

Fun story, my youngest brother and I were crabbing beside one another.  The area in which we were crabbing was over a 3 foot railing so it was a little difficult for the smaller kids (truthfully, it was a bit tricky for me!).  When a crab would latch onto a chicken neck being held by a little kid, they often called for help in getting the crab up before he dropped off back into the water.  Well, super cute little brother snags a crab and starts pulling him up.  I take over to help pull the crab while super cute little brother gets the crab net.  Well, the crab makes a sudden movement and scares super cute little brother who then tosses the crab in the direction of his awesome big sister.  I squealed.  LOUDLY.  I mean, the sweet little fella flung a crab at me!!! :)   It was hilarious.

Burying Adisson in the sand.

Now he looks like a merman!

So I have a few videos I'd like to add and I know my husband took a few more photos of all of the kids, but really....I'm emotionally exhausted tonight.  I want to keep trying to write everyday for the entire month, but these last few days have been such a struggle for me in dealing with Jaxon.

Instead of getting overwhelmed once again, I'm going to sit here and watch vacation videos and remind myself of how much I love the beach, how much the boys love the beach, and take myself to my happy place --if only momentarily and in my head.

If you are struggling tonight with anything at all, I doubt it's any comfort to know that you aren't alone.  But just in case you are unsure, you aren't alone.  Everyone has something that is weighing them down, some more than others.  And let me tell you, I feel pretty weighed down right now.  But tomorrow is another day.  I'll get up, spend the day with my sons, and be grateful.  I can get through this.

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