Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of Boy Stuff

Hey!  So glad you're here!  This month, I'm trying something new--a 31 Day Writing Challenge.  Everyday for the month of October, I'll be writing a new blog post.  For the challenge, I chose to spend 31 days writing about Boy Stuff.  

What's Boy Stuff?  

Well, as you may know I spend my days homeschooling my three boys.  You'll definitely find my homeschool tips/ideas/frustrations spread throughout this challenge.  I want to talk about ideas I have for each of my sons and their learning styles right now.  I have a sixth grader, a second grader, and a preschooler which means I've got three kiddos doing three different things everyday.  I want to tell you about that.

We are a Scouting family.  A very busy Scouting family.  My husband is a Cubmaster, I'm the Pack Committee Chair, Adisson is a Boy Scout, and Zander is a Cub Scout.  Plus, my little Jaxon is on his way to Scouting in just a few short years.  I want to tell you about how we use Scouting in our homeschool and in our day to day living.

We're an Army family.  If my little boys weren't already all about dirt, wrestlin', Nerf guns, and good guys/bad guys, toss in a Daddy who's been a soldier since they've been born and it's boy stuff times ten.  Plus, we purposely bought a house in the woods so they are forever digging, climbing, and chasing around lizards and toads.

That's some boy stuff.

I hope you'll join me in my challenge to tell you about my family, but honestly even more than that I hope I can accomplish this goal of writing everyday for a month.  

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  1. I've got three boys, so I definately want to follow this one.


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