Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Boys have ideas.  My boys are full of ideas.

Adisson has an endless amount of ideas and plans.  He wants to make electronic music, film game tutorials, make short movies, perfect the perfect campfire, construct a makeshift go-cart, and design video games. 

Zander has plans to live in a tiny house in the backyard or in the mountains or on the beach...if he means he can have his own space.

Jaxon's ideas are about being a shark and constructing a wall of bears.  (Yeah, I have no idea on that one.)

Sometimes, they need some help with their ideas, however, the assistance they are asking is for me to tell them what they should build next in Minecraft.  I have seriously given them hundreds of random ideas--some of which they take, most of which they laugh at and ignore.  

What I love about the constant flowing of ideas is that I know everyday they are thinking.  Everyday they are using their minds to come up with something new.  It's even more exciting when they start brainstorming an idea together and it turns into this huge thing we all start talking about.

I also want to be sure that I'm cultivating ideas.  Sometimes, they run up to me when I'm in the middle of my own inner idea forming and I'm not receptive to what they are saying.  Other times, though, we start a dialogue of how that is a neat idea, how it could be a reality, or what we could do to make it cooler.  

How do you encourage your sons to think outside the box?

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