Monday, October 20, 2014

Instilling a Spirit of Giving

Doing something nice when it isn't really fun.

A few months ago, we were asked to pet-sit our neighbors puppy, Sarge*.  He was just a few months old at the time, but his precious face won me over.

It was a trying few weeks.  He chewed on whatever he found.  He used the bathroom in the house.  He annoyed our dog, Buddy, and terrified our cats, Earl and Tessa.  We were not disappointed when he returned home.

He's so pretty!!
Fast forward to last week and our neighbor dog is back again.  In the spirit of good neighborliness, I automatically said yes when my neighbor asked if I would keep Sarge for a week while they took a trip.  I seemed to have forgotten the "excitement" he brought to our family 4 months ago. I also forgot the fact that Adam wasn't available for much of Sarge's last visit and would be home for the entirety of his current stay--and he doesn't enjoy the business end of puppies.

And once again, it wasn't been a pleasant visit.  My guys weren't very happy.  I'm not sure why it mattered as much to them, because they weren't typically the ones cleaning up the messes.  At the end of the day however, they knew why he was here and why I keep saying yes.  One of my greatest goals in life is to raise my sons with a spirit of giving.  We offer to do things that we can do because it's a gift to give others.  We extend our helpfulness with no expectations, at least it's a characteristic for which I strive and one I hope to instill in them.

I will say, it would be ridiculously nice if Sarge would stop pooping in the house.

*Name changed to protect the guilty.

Also, stay tuned to Home With My Sons as we'll be discussing some other ways to give and/or be helpful later this month!

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