Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Traditions, Part Two

Yesterday, I talked to you about our favorite Christmas traditions. I shared with you our list of activities that we do each year as we prepare for our most favorite family holiday. I also mentioned that we would be incorporating new traditions into our Christmas celebration this December as well.  (Please note, this post contains affiliate links.)

The Jesse Tree

I've heard of The Jesse Tree several times over the last few years, but I never took the time to really look into what a Jesse Tree is all about.  Essentially, the book The Jesse Tree is a story about the biblical reason for this season and a corresponding ornament to go along with each day. This year, my friend offered to include me in another friend's Jesse Tree ornament swap.  I'm a sucker for swaps so I readily accepted.   I can't wait to show off our new ornaments after the swap.  

Truth in the Tinsel

Honestly, I found Truth in the Tinsel  during a Google search and I cannot wait to get started.  It looks so fun!  It's an e-book with a page for each day of Advent.  It's easy, which I love.  It's crafty, which I love even more.  I'm very excited to spend with the boys each day learning about the real meaning for Christmas.  You just turn to the page for the day, read through it, and create something together.  You can also buy printable ornaments from the site to make your planning even easier!  Here's a list of what you'll do each day:

  • Read Together--a passage from the Bible
  • Make Together--an ornament
  • Talk About Together--discuss what you've read and made
  • Do More Together--bring the lesson into your life with practical applications

I'm very excited to get started on these books in addition to the LEGO bricks and chocolate. Have you ever read The Jesse Tree or Truth in the Tinsel? What are your thoughts?

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