Sunday, November 30, 2014

How our Thanksgiving was Different

Last week, we were blessed to welcome my Mom and oldest nephew, Landen, for Thanksgiving.  We haven't had family visit for Thanksgiving, so it was very exciting for us.  I spent most of Wednesday evening baking pies and planning my cooking schedule for the following morning.  I was up early to pull the turkey from the brine and get it in the roaster.  I started on the other desserts before moving on to the rest of the menu.  

As the time to eat was approaching, Landen became increasingly concerned about when our guests would be arriving.  I explained to him that he, along with Nana, completed our table this year.  But, at home, he said, everyone was on their way to Grandma Sonia's house to have a big giant meal together.  Weren't we having a lot of people over for dinner?  
He was rather disappointed when I explained to him again that we weren't having anyone else over.  Our military friends were gathering with other friends, traveling to see family, or had family visiting from out of town.  I excitedly pointed out that this year, we were so fortunate to have family visiting to make the day more special to us.  Oddly, what was my silver lining was his dark cloud.  

We typically spend Thanksgiving like we spend every other day--celebrating with each other.  When our families go out to dinner on Mother's Day, gather for a Fourth of July BBQ,  or celebrate the birthday of a grandchild, we aren't there.  Each holiday that we are missing out on the fun of family togetherness with our loved ones in Ohio, I spend part of the day being sad that we are once again not present.  

We continued on with our dinner and have a lovely time discussing all of the reasons we found to be thankful.  Mom kept the kiddos so Adam and I could spend a few hours shopping together.  I thought it was a remarkable day, but even as Landen was leaving, he commented about being sad that our Thanksgiving wasn't like the one he was accustomed to at home.  I'm not sure it ever will be.  

One person's amazing day may be someone else's disappointment....even if they shared the day in the same way.  
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  1. I know how you feel. We were military and even though we aren't any more we live 14 hours away from my family and 16 from my husbands. We have learned to create our own traditions and memories to pass on to our kids. We are fortunate enough to have my dad and stepmom come out every year for Thanksgiving and this year they brought a niece and 2 nephews.

    Welcome to the Crew, I look forward to working with you.


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