Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Thrill of Shopping on Thanksgiving Eve

Sometimes, I'm good at planning and getting things done in plenty of time.  However, this week seems to be an exception.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I hadn't yet finished my grocery shopping.  This weekend, we are hosting not one but TWO parties on Saturday and I haven't really gotten everything done for that, either.  Maybe it's because we have some family in town visiting for the holiday but it's likely that I'm just getting a bit worn out.  All work and no rest makes this lady with an autoimmune disorder feel icky.  

So on the eve of Thanksgiving, I had no choice but to venture to the grocery store.  I was prepared for the worst: food shortage on hot ticket items, long lines, irritable people....however, I didn't find any of that.  I found plenty of stuffing and gravy, I waited behind just one couple with less than 10 items, and every single employee at Food Lion was incredibly nice.  The place was packed full of people, each of them considerate of their fellow patrons.  As I stood there picking out the best apples for my famous apple pie, I stopped to look around and I smiled at what I saw.

In that grocery store was a whole host of folks picking up the last few things they needed to prepare tomorrow's big meal. Whether expecting friends or family to help carve the turkey or if each military family was going to be enjoying the holiday among those with whom they live, they were likely there to buy the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner.  And the thought of everyone making their final selections of food to prepare warmed my heart.  

I'm so blessed to have my family.  I live with four amazing fellas.  I count several military friends as part of our North Carolina family.  Part of my heart forever remains in Ohio with my parents, little brothers, nieces and nephews, and all of my extended family.  We're also so fortunate to be able to afford last minute trips to the grocery store on Thanksgiving Eve for food when others find themselves not able to do so.  

While you may find it completely silly that I was standing next to the apples deciding on Fuji, Gala, or Golden Delicious smiling all goofy like at everyone in Food Lion, that's what I did tonight.  
Now, it's on to pie making.  :)  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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