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January Story Corner Blog Hop: Bears Don't Read

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I'm thrilled to tell y'all about a BRAND NEW monthly series called The Story Corner.  Each month on the fourth Thursday, myself, and a few other incredible bloggers will share with you a great book along with a craft, activity, and/or recipe.  Let's get started!

I was so excited to receive Bears Don't Read this month and I knew that the boys would enjoy it!  Bears Don't Read is a story about a bear who finds a book but doesn't know how to read.  He sets out on a quest to find the owner of the book in hopes that he will learn how to read.  His adventure doesn't go quite as planned as people are rather scared of a big, hairy bear.  

When selecting activities to do with my guys, it can be hard to find crafts that will appeal to all of them.  A sixth grader doesn't typically find that he has a lot of shared interests with a preschooler.  Science is always my answer to how I can bring all three boys together to learn.

Gummy Bear Science
Enter Gummy Bear Science.  Do you want to know why this was an instant hit?  GUMMY BEARS!  I saw this experiment on pinterest and read more about it on Steve Spangler (a website we love!).  The set-up is filling three jars with water.  To one jar, we added a tablespoon of sugar and to another we added a tablespoon of salt.  The third jar was filled with plain water.  Then, after eating several gummy bears, we added a few gummy bears to each jar.  

The plan was to show you what the gummy bear looks like before and what the gummy bear looks like after they've been swimming for 48 hours.  We fished out the gummy bears, got our dry erase board all set up, and realized there wasn't a single, regular gummy bear left in the house.  Someone, Adam who shall remain nameless, found them on top of the fridge and ate the rest.  So...sadly, you'll just have to take my word that these guys are super swollen with water.  :)

Regular, unsoaked gummy bears are smaller than the yellow bear is now.

Side-by-side to show you how big the green one has gotten.

Fork Painting
Another way to get everyone excited about an activity?  Tell them we are painting.  My boys love to paint.  I think they would paint everyday if that was an option.  I saw this incredibly cute picture of how to use a fork to paint a bear. I definitely wanted to give that a try.  It's always interesting to use different tools when painting.  It allows for a lot of discussion on how different items produce different results.  I had so much fun painting!  Plus, I think our bears turned out pretty cute!  Get the details on how to do your own fork painting here.  
I don't know if they look like bears, but fork painting was fun!

Bear Graph
Another fun go-along activity for us this week was to make a bear graph.  In this graphing exercise, we needed to ask others to name their favorite type of bear. Since there are only five of us at home, we asked others for their input.  Opting for the quickest turnaround for answers, I asked my friends on facebook to select one of the following bears as their favorite: black, brown, polar, or panda.  I found some free bear clipart online and printed a few sheets of the same bear.  Then, I opened a blank file folder and wrote down the few necessary details of our graph.  Below is a photo of our results.  (And I know that next time I ask about bears, koalas need to be included!)

Our bear graphing fun! The boys really enjoyed this activity!
The Story Corner
I loved this story and so did the boys!  I'm so excited to share a book with you each month as well as a craft or activity that you can do at home.  Plus, you can find some more awesome ideas and books from my co-hosts listed below:
Janine at True Aim Education
Karyn at Teach Beside Me

Bears Don't Read is a Kane Miller title that you can find here at my Usborne website.  If you are interested in learning more about Usborne & Kane Miller or would like more information on hosting your own Facebook event, I would love to talk to you!  A facebook event is super fun and includes great tips on raising readers in your home, the opportunity to win a giveaway, plus the chance to earn FREE books to add to your home library. Need more information?  Click below!

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  1. Love the ideas that you came up with to extend this book. I can't wait to read this book the cover illustrations look awesome!

    1. The illustrations are great and we loved the book! Thank so much for stopping by to check out our activities! Can't wait until next month!


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