Thursday, January 15, 2015

Spoiled Homeschool Kids

I'll admit it, my homeschooled kids are spoiled.  Completely and utterly spoiled.'s not what you think. Let me take it back a little.  

We love museums, science centers, zoos, nature centers, etc.  The boys would be thrilled with a weekly field trip, but we live out in the sticks so everything is a drive.  However, I love to take advantage of middle of the week field trips, off-season vacations, and random lunches at Chuck E. Cheese.

Random weekday afternoon of mini-golf?  Yes, please!

Memaw hung out with us on this field trip.

Do you know what that means for homeschooled kiddos?  Significantly less people!  Hurry, insert your socialization worry here.  I don't mean that my sons don't have to talk to people, I mean they don't have to share exhibits with ill-mannered children lacking supervision.  Few things aggravate my sons more than a rude little kid who shoves them out of the way so they can have their turn at a game or who blatantly disregards other people.  

Any second now, this giant piggy bank is going to open and balls
are going to fall all over the place.  He's waiting....

Here they come!!  He did this over and over again. :)

Since I try to visit the children's museum that they love when I suspect less kids will be there, we have the opportunity to take our time and enjoy stations and exhibits to their fullest.  Of course we share with others and you can be sure I'm often reminding the boys that others may be waiting so let's not linger too long at one place. However, they become a bit accustomed to the ability to savor the calmness of our visits and get annoyed when a school field trip rushes in unexpectedly and the place turns into instant chaos. 

The boys even had the opportunity to try out a game prototype!!

They aren't the only ones.  I much prefer to schedule our trip to the beach in September when school is in session.  Yes, the rates are lower, but the weather is amazing and it feels as though we have all the sand in the world to ourselves.  I, too, enjoy the loveliness of a trip without it being soured by unsupervised children. 

Co-op field trip to do some gem mining!

We got so many cool rocks!
What about you?  Are you a homeschooling family?  Do you try to take field trips or plan events somewhere when you know there will be less people?  

Zander with a little one on one help from Papaw at a museum.

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