Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Mess I Wouldn't Trade

Some days are just a mess.  I mean, A MESS.  The house is a mess, school is a mess, the kids are a mess...and boys in particular can be a stinky mess.  

Lately, however, I'm in awe of the amazing-ness of motherhood. I know, I know, of course it's lovely and wonderful and of course I should say that since I've been a mother for awhile now.  However, I haven't been shy in telling y'all some of the difficulty I've had with my youngest....and the oldest...and perhaps the middle one.  It's tiresome.  
Maybe I'm extra-sentimental, but I often find myself relishing the blessing I have in being with them each day. Adisson is growing older than I'd like by the second and his tween angst is growing right along with him.  But he's funny, silly, and incredibly creative. His mind never stops and he's constantly thinking of the next thing, new details, or how to make something better. Zander is finding himself quite often in the middle of the chaos and I quite often find him utterly adorable...much to his chagrin, I believe. Since the day he was born, he's melted my heart with his precious eyes and still does today.  And my baby, my sweet, sweet baby.  He's given me quite a run over the last few years.  He's trying in ways I didn't know existed until he arrived. That child, however, is my heart. Perhaps because he's my last (sadly), I find myself holding on to whatever tiny and little is left of him. It could also be that he doesn't miss an opportunity to hug me and tell me he loves me.  
Everyday is a challenge and quite often I find myself a frazzled mess of a mother. I love it so much. So.very.much.
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