Thursday, March 19, 2015

McGhee March Madness

A few weeks ago, Adam came home and said "Nicole, I want everyone to complete their own March Madness brackets.  I want there to be a competition among the five of us.  I want you to have a scoring system and a prize at the end."

Okie dokie.

Let me tell you a secret.  We don't watch basketball.  Like ever.  We watch college football every Saturday in the fall (GO OHIO STATE!) and by we I mean me and whomever else is in the living room.  But not so much on the basketball (or baseckball if you're Jaxon).  However, I'm intensely competitive so I said ok.  

We waited until the very last second to get our brackets done.  I had mine completed several days before the games started, but it took the sound of squeaky shoes on a basketball floor when I was flipping through the channels to remind me to get the boys done.  Technically, a few of the Third Round games had begun, but they didn't know that.  Besides, filling out their brackets was just going through each round saying two team names and waiting for them to choose.

They had an incredibly different approach.  Zander was first and he selected the better ranked team for each match-up.  Jax was next.  At 5 years old, he just picked whichever team sounded better.  He was relatively loyal to Ohio State since "we have family in Ohio!" and North Carolina teams--except for Duke because he didn't realize they are a team in NC.  He also decided early on that he liked Eastern Washington, choosing them over Georgetown...even taking Eastern Washington to the championship game.  I kept trying to sway him another way but he wanted the "team from Washington DC" and he couldn't understand that Eastern Washington was one of the farthest teams away from Washington DC.  Anyway, Adisson finished up the madness of children choosing their brackets by mostly following the same approach as Zander, but selecting a few underdogs to take a little further.

The boys are very excited to watch the games this weekend and can't wait to see who wins our own
McGhee March Madness!

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