Thursday, April 2, 2015

Organized With a House Full of Boys

I love to be organized.  I like when everything has its place and people know where to put things.  With boys all over the house, life is easier if they know where stuff belongs.  In interest of full disclosure, my ideas don't always take shape.  As much as I love to get things situated around here, I still have three boys running around the house, ALL DAY LONG! Anyway, there are three areas that I've been working on organizing as a way to better get a handle on our stuff.
The Pantry

I love containers.  In fact when my Dad was visiting last year, I heard the sentence "Your sister loves containers," uttered to my brothers.  He's right, I love containers.  They make areas look so much nicer.  One project I've been working on over the last few weeks is the pantry.  I've been buying storage containers and baskets here and there until I've found a way to organize everything in the pantry.  The square containers are Better Homes and Gardens from WalMart and the baskets are Sterilite.  Below is the nearly finished result.
In the coming years, I'd like to replace all of the wire shelving with wood shelves.  That undertaking would require a husband that is available and currently mine is incredibly busy with work.  So, I'll put that idea on hold for the time being and enjoy my newly organized pantry.
The Mudroom

Our "mudroom" is the laundry room.  I love the laundry room because I've lived in several homes where the laundry "room" was a closet.  When we decided on this house, I loved the fact that the laundry room was indeed an actual room.  One way I've worked on organizing this area is by hosting a Thirty-One Gifts facebook party.  Really!  You see, I've had these upper cubbies in the mudroom that I have never figured out how to best utilize. They are too high for the kids, and me, so they are usually just stuffed with whatever random items I find laying around.  When I hosted a Thirty-One party, I was able to purchase these handy Your Way Cubes that fit perfectly in the cubbies.
The baskets on the bottom are from Lowe's and hold shoes.
As you can see, I haven't quite finished the job.  All of those random knick knacks on top of the cubbies need to be placed in the cubes.  I was so excited to take the picture when I got my order that I just pulled everything out of the cubbies and stuck it on the top. 
LEGO Bricks

And probably the biggest need for organization in this house is LEGO bricks.  Ohmyword.  Honestly, this picture is a bit premature because I'm in the middle of a big idea for the playroom.  However, this is how our bricks have been organized and stored for the past year or so.  I don't know if sorting them by color is the best option, but it seemed significantly easier than sorting by brick.  I don't have enough bins in this house to sort them by brick.  
These are Trofast systems from Ikea that we've had since we've lived in Maryland.  We actually have two identical units.  One is for toys and the other is for bricks.  The color squares on the tubs are to help my youngest sort bricks as he's my non-reader. 
Coming Up

Upcoming in our Organized series is how we're re-organizing the school room, which includes my office area, and the playroom.  The playroom is our last bedroom in need of paint, so it's been a project of mine for some time.  What areas of the house do you struggle keeping organized?
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