Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reasons to Attend the NCHE Homeschool Conference #2

Ok, so there's been Reason #5, Reason #4, and Reason #3.  Today, I will share with you my Top Two Reason to attend the NCHE Homeschool Conference.


My #2 reason is:


Have you ever been to a homeschool conference?  Ever stood in a vendor hall?  It's amazing.  

A giant room full of resources to help you homeschool your child(ren).  Books, book, and more books.  Curricula that you can flip through, manipulatives that you can play with, more information than you thought you needed, and a plethora of helpful people.  

Looking for science items, art supplies, or workbooks?  Need some dissection goodies?!!  You can find so much in a homeschool vendor hall.  Every time I have a break or there's a workshop period that I didn't find much to apply to me (which, truthfully, rarely happens), I'm in the vendor hall.  

Each day brings me one day closer...and I can't wait to go!!  Tomorrow, my giveaway goes LIVE and you'll have your chance to earn a free registration!  

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