Thursday, April 23, 2015

Reasons to Attend NCHE Homeschool Conference & GIVEAWAY!

It's finally here, the moment you've all been anxiously awaiting.  This is the moment I declare my best reason for attending the NCHE Homeschool Conference.  I've already shared Reason #5, Reason #4, Reason #3, and Reason #2.  I'll wait no longer.  The time is now.  It's happening TODAY, right here.  

Ok, ok, enough already.

My NUMBER ONE REASON for attending the NCHE Homeschool Conference is this:

When I leave the conference on Saturday night, I feel like 

Is that not the answer you were expecting?  Let me explain a bit more.

After two days of workshops, sessions, vendor booths, fellowship with homeschool friends, I feel like I CAN DO THIS!  I CAN HOMESCHOOL MY SONS!  It's good to have this feeling because I've been homeschooling them since...forever.  

At the conference, though, I hear that I'm not the only parent that struggles with homeschool burnout, math anxiety, testing concerns, reading skills, science abilities.  I AM NOT ALONE!

I'm remind that I'm doing the best I can for my sons, that I'm offering a tailor-made education, that no one on this planet is more concerned about them than me, their mother, their teacher.  

Last year's keynote speaker told me that I can raise three sons who grow up to be ordinary men and that I will have done what is asked of me.  It was eye-opening, earth shattering news for me -- I DON'T HAVE TO RAISE A WORLD CHANGER!  I just have to raise my sons up to be good people, strong men to care for themselves and their families, and considerate men to care for others.  I have to raise men that love God.  
And that's good enough.

I leave the NCHE Conference each year ready.  Ready to tackle our problem areas, ready to have fun, ready to try new things, ready to bust open geodes, ready to dissect owl pellets, ready to play with Thinking Putty, ready to sword fight, ready to RAISE REAL MEN!

If you have ever considered attending, if you attend every year, if you haven't been in a while, if you've never attended a homeschool conference, if you are just thinking about homeschooling...

you need to be there.

And now, I'm offering you chance to win the opportunity to attend this event for free. 

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