Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sad News for our Frog Family

It's been a few weeks since we welcomed frogs into our home.  It's been a really interesting journey and I have mixed feelings on whether or not we should have gone down the road of amphibian ownership.  Let me start with the bad news...

Mr. Lump has passed away.

Here's the scoop.  Adisson came running downstairs on Friday night telling me that he could only find 2 frogs.  As a reminder, we own 3.  I told him he was a goofball and that he need to check again.  Still only two frogs.  So I looked.  I looked and looked and looked.  There was absolutely only 2 frogs in that tank.  What I thought was impossible, a frog escaping, had happened. 
Next problem, where on earth was the frog?  The biggest concern was that a cat had eaten it.  We didn't want to lose a frog and a kitty in the same night.  After a lot of searching (WHERE COULD IT GO? IT'S A 2 INCH SEMI-AQUATIC FROG?!), he was located under the desk that the tank sits on, squished by a roll of newsprint we keep under there.

He had crossed over into Froggy Heaven.

And I had a terribly sad 12 year old.  He impulsively decided that we needed to find new homes for the frogs since he proved to be too irresponsible to care for them.  I assured him the fault was mine and he should keep the frogs.  He has since agreed that keeping them is the best idea.

So, what happened?  The tank hood has been concerning since we bought the whole lot of stuff.  It just kind of rests on the top of the tank with a small hole in the front and a much larger opening in the back to allow for a filter to fit there.  Well, we aren't housing fish.  Apparently with the new filter that we installed the day before, the air tube rested too closely to the side of the glass and must have enabled Mr. Lump to shimmy up and out the opening, onto the desk, and down to the floor.  He then got tangled up in the paper and was squished in the weight of the roll (I assume).

As a result, we have purchased a screen top that fits securely on the tank.  We're able to put the hood on top of the screen so we can still use the lights provided by the hood.  However, there is NO WAY Blaize or Garrett Bobby Ferguson is escaping from their home.  

For goodness sake.

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