Thursday, May 14, 2015

Incredible Handmade Items from Trades of Hope

I love direct sales businesses.  I know a lot of at-home moms who are supplementing their household income by choosing to sell items through a direct sales company they love.  I thought I had heard of nearly every direct sales company that people were buzzing about, but I was wrong.  I had never heard of Trades of Hope.  

What is Trades of Hope?  

Trades of Hope is a (you've guessed it) direct sales biz.  This one, however, is a bit different than most.  ToH is a company that empowers woman and gives artisans the opportunity they need to be able to support themselves and their families.  

These are women who live in war torn countries, women who have been rescued from sex slavery, women who are have illnesses that make them social pariahs, women struggling to support themselves and handicapped children.  These are women who have the desire to be dependent and self-sufficient but lack the means to be that woman.  

Women are able to make and create beautiful items as a way to support themselves and their families.  Trades of Hope then uses Compassionate Entrepreneurs to showcase these items to you and me.  

My Compassionate Entrepreneur (CE) is Kristi Kerr.  I met her through my own direct sales business as an Usborne Books and More consultant.  Once I learned that Kristi was a CE with Trades of Hope, my curiosity sent me straight to her website to discover what this company was all about.

Really, you need to take a minute and head directly to Kristi's Trades of Hope store.  It's there you'll be able to read more about how Trades of Hope began and the need it fulfills.  Additionally, you'll see the gorgeous items available.  

My two favorite items were the Owl Coaster Set and the Solid Wood Game.

Seriously, how cute is that set?  If you know me at all, or have ever visited my home, you will quickly notice my love of birds and owls.  I knew this set would complement my living room so well.  When it arrived I was so excited to see how beautiful it was in person.  The owl-shaped case that holds everything together is really nice and also includes notches on either side to make retrieving a coaster easy.  You don't have to dump the case to get one coaster.  The detail work of the owls is splendid.  They are light (which is good because in a house full of boys everything is a weapon) and just the right size for my glasses to fit nicely.  

I was really excited to get the Solid Wood Game.  I wanted to see the quality of it because it looks like something I'd like to give as a gift.  Once again, I was completely impressed.  The pieces are all of great quality.  The extra pieces fit in the box and the "lid" is the gameboard.  One side features tic-tac-toe with x's and o's included.  The other side is the game Hi-Q.  Ok, so truthfully, I had no idea what Hi-Q was when I got this game.  Turns out, you put the marbles on the holes and start skipping.  The point is to leave as little marbles on the board as possible.  

When I started playing with Hi-Q, I managed to have four seconds to myself before the kids were clamoring for their turn.  After everyone had a chance to get their best score on Hi-Q, they moved over to tic-tac-toe and played for awhile.  Not only is it a gorgeous set, it was a complete win for the kids. 

If you are looking for a nice gift, the Solid Wood Game would definitely fit the bill.  It's so nice and fun, that it certainly would appeal to people of all ages. In fact, I'm pretty sure my grandpa is going to receive one to keep at his house to battle the grandkids.  

Amazing items, impeccable quality, and empowering women?  Does it get any better?  Start gift shopping now.  Give the gift of unique, handmade items while helping women support their families.  

I was given the above items to review.  My opinion of the products, their quality, and the direct-sales company, Trades of Hope, are my own thoughts and opinions.  I was not required or asked to write anything specific.

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