Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Goals

I love lists.  I make lists about lists.  I love to plan.  My life rarely happens according to how I plan, but I keep on planning anyway!  One of my favorite blogs/websites is the Money Saving Mom.  I've been a follower for several years.  Crystal just seems like a really down-to-Earth, awesome lady.  I'd love it if we were neighbors.  :)

One thing that she does is post her weekly to-do list for accountability purposes.  I love that.  She has goals and by putting them out there on the world wide web, it's hard to hide from them.  I think it's such a great idea.

And I have goals.  And ideas.  And I love making lists.  So, I'd like to try that, as well.  Since I'm totally ripping off this idea using Crystal for inspiration, I'm going to try this with her format to decide if it works for me.  

Let's do this...

Marriage/Mothering/Homemaking Goals

1.  Write a love note to my husband, as we just celebrated 12 years of marriage yesterday.
2.  Get unpacked/everything put away from weekend at the beach.
3.  Buy food for the fellas to eat while I'm out of town this weekend.  
(My husband can cook, but it's a bit easier if there's actually food here to prepare!)

Personal Goals

4.  Hit 10,000 steps on my Fitbit everyday OR 70,000 steps for the week (Sun. - Sat.)
5.  Be intentional walking a mile everyday (part of a challenge in which I'm participating).
6.  Complete another row of baby blanket for Baby Nephew on the way.
7.  Wake up by 8:00 everyday. (I KNOW! This is crazy because so many people have an entire day's tasks completed by then, but I'm a night owl and our family stays up a bit later than most.)

Local Ministry/Hospitality/Friendship Goals

8.  Send a note to a grandparent this week.

Business Goals

9.  Prepare myself for upcoming homeschool conference.  
(I was fortunate enough to be selected as a conference blogger. SO EXCITED!)
10.  Prepare my blog for the conference.  

Ok.  So that's my list.  It's weird to limit myself to 10 things because I could think of about 20 more I'd like to add.  It's probably better that I don't.  Do you write down your goals for the week?  Want to try it now?

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