Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Making Summer Plans with My Boys

Ahhhhhh, summer.  It's a lovely break in the day to day routine and the chance to regroup, reconnect, and renew.  I am so incredibly ready for it.  When the month of June begins, I have several ideas for how we'll spend our summer: trips, activities, events, and nothingness.  

By the end of June, however, I'm done.  I'm tired of browsing Pinterest looking for activities and I'm over hearing my two least favorite words..."I'm bored."  This summer, I'm ready to really enjoy the time with my sons.  My oldest kiddo is 12 and I'm not sure how many family activities remain that don't include eye rolling and heavy sighs. Wait...he already does that.  

I want very much to spend time with my sons being engaged and active WITH them and create memories WITH them.  There's certainly a time for them to run outside to play basketball with friends.  Our time together, however, is fleeting.  As they grow, I want them to think about that one time, we did that one thing that made us laugh for hours.  I want them to say "Remember when we went to the beach and found that jellyfish?"  and "Remember that one time Mom chased us around the yard with Nerf guns?"  I want to Enjoy the HERE and NOW with my guys.  For soon, they will be enjoying the here and now with their own children.

This summer, I'm participating in the #ETHANproject, put together by the lovely gals over at Grounded & Surrounded.  ETHAN stands for Enjoying the Here and Now.  That's what I want to do with my guys.  Each week, there is a new challenge.  I'd love for you to participate with us each week or as you are able.  

The Hit List:
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Be sure to check back here each Friday for my challenge post.  Can't wait to "see" you each Friday and to spend time this summer enjoying time with our children.  

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  1. We are so glad you decided to join us for the #ETHANproject Summer Challenge and can't wait to get to know you and your boys better!


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