Monday, June 29, 2015

Summertime Volunteering

Adisson has a love for cats.  He's our resident Cat Lady.  In fact, in a recent conversation, we asked him what his plans were for the future (regarding a career).  We discussed the idea of being a veterinary technician or possibly even a veterinarian, an idea he's had in the past.  He then said, "Can I be a vet just for cats?  A caterinarian?"  
When the opportunity to volunteer with the local animal rescue group presented itself, Adisson was more than excited to have the chance to play with some cats!  
His "job" is visiting a local pet store once per week.  At the store there are kittens and cats that are available for adoption through the rescue.  He's responsible for cleaning out the cat cubbies.  His favorite part, though, is snuggling the cats.  In fact, I think he's going to guest post for me sometime in the coming weeks to talk about what he does .  
In the meantime, we spend our Wednesday afternoons playing with some super lovey kitty cats.  
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